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Government control of the mainstream media; all the FAKE NEWS (pure PROPAGANDA), and the AMERICAN MIND CONTROL outcome; YOUR mind under control ...  and YOU PAY FOR IT!  This stuff is so very, very relevant, not just if YOU watch TV, but horror of horrors, if you foolishly let your children watch it ... just watch the first horrific few minutes of this EXCELLENT DOCUMENTARY, and we promise, the premise of it, will grip you so, you'll be through the rest of it in no time at all. For this isn't THEORY, this INSIDER documentary, is a step by step explanation by an INSIDER WHO NOT JUST KNOWS, but PROVES RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES, the TOTAL FAKES NEWS that is now YOUR news, your DAILY MIND CONTROL AMERICAN; and you'll be left with NO DOUBT!  Unless, like with so many with  9-11, you won't believe your own eyes nor ears ... too far gone, for far too long, into the make believe American Reality ...  to be rescued by The White Rabbit ....Back to reality! ... The Secret Government TOTAL CONTROL OF YOUR REALITY COMPLETE?

Take the test.  We bet you'll be REALLY SHOCKED at what you are about to see.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments as usual; let's START A DEBATE - Today!

This isn't JUST about the usual shows, e.g. a TV reality show, it then goes into the FAKE MURDERS AND SHOOTING WITNESSES *ALL* presented to you as REALITY when the WHOLE THING IS MADE UP.  IF you wonder why you struggle, and why this website has been telling you over, and over, and OVER again, to THROW THAT TV OUT ...  After watching this documentary, if you DON'T GO THROW IT RIGHT IN THE TIP, you deserve the outcome now predicted by Veterans Today; to slip off, and NEVER KNOW YOURSELF, ever.

More on that very soon (the video that shows EXACTLY what happened on 911, that you've ALREADY SEEN, and that you never, never, NEVER remember having seen.

Believe us, it's VERY short, it's very proven, and it's all, dastardly, true.  But first you MUST come to an understanding that the MEDIA COMPANIES ARE IN BED WITH THE GOVERNMENT, not the public government, but the SECRET GOVERNMENT ENGAGING IN MIND CONTROL ACROSS THE ENTIRE WEST (and perhaps much further afield).  Don't believe the C.I.A. would mislead the US Public about the MIND CONTROL in the USA, ACTIVELY conducted on the population AND THE POLITICIANS ... Perhaps you need meet friend of ... The White Rabbit! ... Luke Rudkowski, rides to yor rescue yet again, with the PROOF and the DENIAL OF THE PROOF by the head of the CIA no less!  What, you mean some people (unlike you?) don't just sit and TAKE IT UP THE ASS?

Reminder; you are a being made of WATER and run by and on ELECTROMAGNETIC waves's the PHYSICS FIELD of the HUMAN (and Rabbit!) game everyone is involved in here.  And with the MK-ULTRA files being opened AGAIN .... Maybe the truth isn't out there, but maybe the TRUTH SERUM, or the CONFUSION DRUGS, are already IN YOU!! ... Did you ever consider why Donald Rumsfeld sold CHEMICAL WEAPONS to IRAQ, and also sold YOU down the RIVER with ASPARTAME?  Nerve agent America; it's in the water, the air, the food ...

These insights are going to become increasingly important if you choose to continue your journey down some of the darkest and deepest TV/MSM truth tunnels of Warren Burrows ... Where The White Rabbit toils ever harder to get mere Human to understand the TRUTH The White Rabbit have known about since, well now, Human used Chemical Weapon* on ...

The White Rabbit!
PS  Remember; don't shoot the messenger; we already have enough HUMAN shoot at us!!
PPS * 
PPS You know some of these folks ain't REAL HUMAN, don't you??  For truth is stranger than fiction now, in the REAL world of REAL REALITY. ;)

PPPS Want Walter Cronkite back on TV telling you what to believe every day?  Think again:

u want MOR?  Try some REALITY for a change!

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  1. All of Human, still to scared, to write one line of defiance?

  2. I know they are doing that to sell sensationalism, and keep ratings up. They never show any good news! They have to keep us glued to the tube with fake stories of crimes that never happened, all so we are scared, and so we will send money in. That one of the Jewish holocaust survivors in Russia ! Send $25 so they can have Passover, those people are crying ! YA! Bush/Clinton asking for cash for Haiti victims on the country channel GAC is another farce! They said don't send medicine because the people are different ! PUKE !

  3. CAUGHT????

    Published On Sunday, September 23, 2012 12:07 PM Ross

  4. Thanks for throwing up ed on your site. He deserves attention and to be thanked for his work. As do you guys white rabbit. Thanks!!

  5. sometimes i feel like Im the only one who visits this site. like its an algorythmic news source directed at only my sick brain.
    its even designed like my brain works. wtf?

    like a year and no valid comments on this page?

    1. Some people wonder what happened.

      Other people watch what happens.

      And some people MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

      I guess you're definitely not one above. ;)

      Welcome. :)


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