Thursday, 5 July 2012

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As soon as we recognised the voice in this one (Jose Escamilla - Hola!!) ... we knew it would be worth a watch! ...  If you haven't seen this first yet:  why not check out FIRST ALIEN PROOF VIDEO (2.5 TRILLION LIGHT YEARS AWAY FROM EARTH (and in GEOSTATIONARY ORBIT). ;) Orion Objects.  You are about to see some of the reasons you never see DETAILED and FIRST EVER COLOUR pictures of the MOON.  Backgrounders in the hot off the press backing of INCREDIBLE UNDERGROUND  ALIEN-WAR VIDEO by no less than the esteemed Veterans Today suggest you watch (of course; might know a thing or two ;)) About the UNDERGROUND BASES & the ALIEN WAR (you read that right) ... Or take the CALL FOR WAR inside AMERICA from the EX-Defence Minister for CanadaAstronaut?  How and WHY is this related to YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM from the BANKSTERS???  Come on now, HUMAN FOOL ... think about it ...  Because as you are just about to learn ... the secrets of The White Rabbit! ...  (oh, and of course, NASA as disclosed, as above) ... 


The White Rabbit!
PS If you know your exopolitics ... jump RIGHT IN AT 53.00 MINUTES!
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  1. fact, Julia Gillard signed for US to geoengineer QLD hurricane/floods, those affected should be suing the PM, motive to bankrupt our insurance co's, destroy the farmers for NOT growing GMO, which America have signed for. Our farmers will either have to grow GMO or face the horrible term 'bankrupt'. Time all people petitioned to sack all govts (we pay their wages) and let US select who we want to lead us!

  2. Are Corporations Masquerading as Government in Australia & World Wide?

    Which represents real (de jure) government in Australia?
    Which is seen on “government” literature ?

    a) The Great Seal of the United Kingdom, atop the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900


    b) The Great Seal of Australia, a trademark registered with United States Patent and Trademark Office.


    Would you be surprised to find a company with the same name as your country registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington DC? Well, guess what?! Among those listed as corporate entities by the United States SEC are Israel, Turkey, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, The Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Jamaica, South Africa, Canada, Australia… and my personal favourite (and I quote) “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of Alberta as represented by Alberta Investment Management Corp.”

    Interesting! So what could all this mean? For the purpose of this article we will follow the example of Australia....


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