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#DARKCABAL USD 8,000,000,000,000 **FOUND ** {hah!}

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And just on time ...

And so as we have ONE CLAIM OF THEFT OF EIGHT TRILLION we have (oh come on Dark Cabal this is just getting TOO EASY F*CK-FACES) ... EIGHT TRILLION MAGIKALLY APPEAR .... in CALIFORNIA: GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY!  And of course, we introduced Walter Burien's most excellent (and long, deep) research RIGHT HERE for you (were you keeping up?) heh! ... with .... The White Rabbit!  ...

California shows $8 Trillion Tax Surplus, So why the Fear Mongering?

Vatic Note: Ok, they are playing games again, well, let them. I will leave this as it is.THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH OVERPAYMENT IN TAXES you have paid. Its a surplus that is part of their "private corporations" that is "their money" even though it was from the taxpayers and is not used as part of the budget. Walter did an excellent job of proving all that to us and we are being scammed once again, whats new! California is always the test state for these scams. I wonder why? 

Lets be clear. The Constitution clearly states that only corporations that make a "PROFIT" are to be taxed along with "user fees" and that is all. No labor tax since labor is an asset and is exchanged for another asset which is money. Its not profit when you give up something of equal value to what you received. SO ITS NON TAXABLE. I can't figure out why no one has even discussed this? Federalist papers cover this very well.

Given that much for California, you can imagine and guess how much there is excess nationally, I bet its in the 10's or 20 trillion dollars they are waiting to rip off from us after their martial law and they collect the guns. Even though they "lie" to us, these cities, counties and states cannot lie to the Feds, so all Cities, Counties, and states have to file CAFR reports showing the real figures on that set of books and that is where you will find the surplus for your own City, County and State. If they are screaming bancrupt, then get a copy of their CAFR required to be filed annually. Look under assets liquid, for "unrestricted funds account" or look for "investments". That would be the bankers investing those funds and making money on fees.

IF ANY OF THOSE AGENCIES TRY TO FILE DEFAULT ON DEBT, GO TO THE COURT WITH THE CAFR'S SHOWING THEY HAVE THE FUNDS AND GET IT NEGATED. If you don't, they will confiscate the state, county and city assets, such as state parks, roads, bridges, water, sewer etc etc. Add the profit to the normal maintenance costs, to the user fees charged to you on assets you paid for that your taxes built or maintained. Its what they did in third world countries and confiscated all their natural resources and why they killed Gaddafi becuase he would not allow them to do that to his people. .

Can you imagine what it will be like when they globalize and they never have to worry about what we think, ever again? I can't even imagine. As Ron Paul says, "There will be a dark ages the likes of which the world has never seen before". And he is sooo right. Try to imagine it if you can. When you consider their addictions to pedophilia etc, then you best imagine it with your own kids and fight like hell for those children.. 

Walter Burien:
CA Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports Show $8 Trillion Tax Surplus

by Walter Burien"

Neat strategic timing, Walter; most commended:  FRIEND OF THE WHITE RABBIT! :~)

But it seems you're not thinking internationally (enough) yet ... Unlike ...

The White Rabbit!
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