Thursday, 26 July 2012

#BANKSTERS Geithner Cuts Kings Throat #ASSASINATION

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Expect Mor deaths in the Danube, and maybe now The Thames ... I mean, you have now heard about the Vatican Bank right .... and We did tell you (first we think) about that too; the Murder, the Madness of Kings ... may now be added to the Roll Call ... And we do wonder Mr King ... Do you have your Ticket? We mean, obviously Timothy Geithner feels he has, hence the release after ARREST...Have you also been quietly arrested ... and then released? Because .

Arch American Criminal Dark Cabal member Timothy "Gun To Your Head" Giethner shoots King!!

"US Treasury secretary: Libor fiasco is fault of the British
Thursday 26th July 2012, 1:31am

AMERICAN authorities did all they could to warn British regulators over flaws in the Libor system, as far back as 2008, the defiant US Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner told politicians in Washington DC yesterday.

Geithner faced a grilling in front of the House financial services committee, yet insisted that US regulators warned the Bank of England about Libor manipulation, and said that the failures of governance occurred on this side of the pond.

“I personally raised this with the governor of the Bank of England, and I sent him a very detailed memorandum recommending a series of changes,” Geithner said, adding that the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) was incapable of policing the London inter-bank offered rate, known as Libor.

“We brought [our] concerns to their attention. And we felt – and I still believe this – that it was really going to be on them to take responsibility for fixing this.” (Continues) ..."

For now ...

For we know what the phrase goes for Kings who have erred .... The crowds are known after trial to shout .... OFF WITH HIS HEAD .....

Wonderland; REACHED ... The TWO BABY GODZILLA, now CUT-THROAT DEFENCE KILLERS; kapow; shooting (not yet NUKES in the SECRET NUCLEAR WAR going on); the NAZI mass murder of the Jewish Gene (again), no less .... Ssssheee ... remember (because they're not reminding you, are they, nor telling you about the RADIATION RAIN in the West, either DEVON, TORONTO, etc).  And crikey, you HU

Stay tuned ... For this is getting simply MASSIVE amongst those in the know ... Like our regular readers ... Why don't you become one of the 5,000 or so people reading this blog, well now; we hesitate to use the word, but to keep their ass safe from the war criminals, the money launderers, the thieves, killers, and war-monger confirmed psychopaths of the Israel Messianic Persuation (thank you head of Shin Bet; now a true hero to the watching world).

Some Human know our taps deep, deep, deep in the deepest of Warren Burrows ... The White Rabbit Rides solely to save .... HUMANity! ... Like, you know we're big on OPEN-SOURCE FREE SOFTWARE so solve the fiscal crisis; well now, you have HEARD ABOUT BILL GATES DARK CABAL MURDEROUS PROOFS COMING ONLINE: After all, covering up an 

EIGHT TRILLION DOLLAR STOCK FRAUD ... now that would be a reason to get murderous indeed, wouldn't it ROGUE DHS AGENCY as named by the Lord Hero of Planet Earth; Lord Blackheath!  History, of The White Rabbit! (and HUMANity of course) .... In the MAKING right here on Operation Occupy The Banks! ;)


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