Friday, 27 July 2012

#AURORA Massacre - True Reality Emerges #MINDCONTROL

And so it's 'CRAZY' is it to think the Shooter has amnesia?

"A cross-disciplinary team of US neuroscientists and cryptographers have developed a password/passkey system that removes the weakest link in any security system: the human user. It’s ingenious: The system still requires that you enter a password, but at no point do you actually remember the password, meaning it can’t be written down and it can’t be obtained via coercion or torture."

Adds ... The White Rabbit! .... Or by  police interrogation?

"The system, devised by Hristo Bojinov of Stanford University and friends from Northwestern and SRI, relies on implicit learning, a process by which you absorb new information — but you’re completely unaware that you’ve actually learnt anything; a bit like learning to ride a bike. In short, the system teaches the password to a part of your brain that you cannot physically access — but it is still there in your subconscious, just waiting to be tapped.

The process of learning the password (or cryptographic key) involves the use of a specially crafted computer game (continues) ..."


Published on Jul 25, 2012 by Thomas Brinkley

Could this be the knife next to the gas mask?
(Notice the pool of blood in the background, and the trash bag in the background. Looks to me like they doctored the scene as quickly as they could because people are confirmed to have come out of the back entrance of that corner theater. The Sheila interview attests to that. They would have seen a gas mask and a bloody knife on the concrete, and it would have struck them immediately, such that they would testify about them. So a crooked cop/emt probably hid a blood-pack in a trash bag taken from an ambulance and splashed some blood on the ground so they could claim Holmes stabbed somebody in the corner.)

I went to the local courthouse, the marshalls, and the FBI, and they all took this information very seriously. If we all go, it is the only way in which an actual investigation will occur into such a high level of corruption. Obviously the executive branch will have to change this from the bottom up. So you must do this. Obama is smack dab in the middle of this cover up, as you can see here:

I need someone to download and upload this interview which shows clear green(blue)-screen activity which is an attempt to corroborate the "Allie neck wound" story.

This is the other guy who has been investigating the gas mask (and from whom I got these pictures): "willyloman"




Just sent in; discerning readers will immediately understand it's source (Sorcha Faal); if you do not, ignore this section as you are likely unable to understand it's also potentially dark design:

July 25, 2012

A highly disturbing Ministry of Finance report on the largest bank fraud in history that is circulating in the Kremlin today warns that it is “within the realm of possibility” that the shocking movie massacre in Colorado this past week is but another “integral part” in the deliberate plan put in place by Western banking elites and their allies to collapse the global economy.

The massacre cited in this report is being referred to as the “2012 Aurora Shooting” wherein suspect James Holmes [photo 2nd left] is purported to have opened fire during the playing of a movie killing 12 and injuring 58 in one of the worst mass shootings in recent US history.

Interestingly, this report notes, James Holmes is extremely intelligent, a gifted scientist and grew up in an affluent neighborhood; an eerie similarity he shares with other noted American killers of the past 3 decades including Andrew Cunanan, John Gardner, John Hinckley, Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

Most important to note about James Holmes, however, this report says, is that his father, Robert Holmes, was said to have been scheduled to testify within the next few weeks before a US Senate panel on the largest bank fraud scandal in world history that is currently unfolding and threatens to destabilize and destroy the Western banking system.

Robert Holmes, whose “blueblood” family links go back to the Mayflower, is known throughout the global banking community as being the creator of one of the most sophisticated computer algorithms ever developed and is credited with developing predictive models for financial services; credit and fraud risk models, first and third party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models. ... (Continues)"


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