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This is very important message that the Pentagon has asked us to help make go viral,
This information contained herein will ultimately effect every man woman and child on the face of this earth so it might behoove you to give this information the time that it deserves, but we will leave that up to you, the reason this information must go viral is that that when a series of events happens, and they will, it will be best when as many people are as informed as possible to cut down on the shock and awe of this news." (continues)

"Imagine what it would be like to wake up one  morning to find that your world is much different then what you have become accustomed too and that you had no clue that it was coming, would it not be rather troublesome to be in this situation without some sort of knowledge and understanding before hand as to what is happening? we are offering you some quick insights to the magnitude of issues and whats really happening so that you don’t freak out.

Well…. the pentagon as well as everyone involved  in this wish  and are trying to tell you something so that this does not  happen to you and to keep the overall shock value to a minimum, we wish to have these events have no shock value at all but we are aware that as these events unfold some will be hard for some to understand and or comprehend for some but hopefully the information here will help you to understand as these events start unfolding as they are now, this is just the tip of the iceberg to help each of you with this understanding.

Ok…. these following two (2) documents are a very important part in this so that you can start to understand the steps being taken, why is this happening now and whats been done to get us here to this point, we all know something is very, very wrong in our world and this information will help you to understand. do with it as you will." (continues)

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Please note  @censorednewsnow has kindly stepped up to the plate and made these documents readable on the web; follow them for updates  NOTICE THE DATES (this is a REFILING from the Bush Dark Cabal coup takeover filing?) /End

"The second document is what the pentagon is asking our help in spreading this information around of what’s about to happen so that as many people as possible are aware of what’s about to happen as to prevent shocking everyone, so read and look at this information or be shocked when it happens, offering this type of information will be a challenge of course because of peoples lack of understanding or involvement, so it’s your choice to either educate yourself now as much as you can or remain ignorant to these facts…."
SIDEBAR ADDED by ... The White Rabbit!
Please note @censorednewsnow has kindly stepped up to the plate and made these documents readable on the web; follow them for updates


Mass Arrests, State Sovereignty & The Actual Law Suit Against the Bad Guys – Time: 00:31:07
This video will explain what process was done, how many states, why it was needed and what it means

SIDEBAR - The White Rabbit adds
Iif you want to get to the juice of the COMING DISCLOSURES then watch the SECOND (3 minute) VIDEO FIRST )

The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER… – Time: 00:03:27

I am adding this video from a new HBO series Called “Newsroom” this is a hard hitting truth in our current situation in the USA, although the language is tough, it resonates well with most patriots. Please watch it!


Below Cameroon now Americans ... in terms of income distribution; BE A SLAVE if you want to HUMAN .... Cameroon is in Africa (which is NOT a country dumbshit Palin)... Just for the record like.  If you have no idea what is going on you shoulda been reading The White Rabbit these past 8 mnths or so ....   
Put DRAKE into the search top left ... Or catch the last known interviews with him here (and the rest of the sigificant ones also appear on this blog) You might also (deep breath) need to put in EXPOLITICS and a few others ... see some (very few) highlights of highlights below ... You ESCPECIALLY NEED TO REVIEW THE CANADIAN CALL FOR WAR INSIDE AMERICA  And of course, here, on this site (along with quite a few more LEGAL FILINGS AROUND THE WORLD (South Africa is putting in a STORIMNG PERFORMANCE ATM BTW Banksters: JAIL FUCKERS!  Telling it like it is ... since Oct 2011: 

DOX AGAIN (nb; if you're not up to speed on this, understand this filing has been WITHDRAWN but only for REFORMULATION
Keenan Complaint 11-23-2011 SDNY (1)

Mor stuff all about this u gotta know:
D-Noticed 15 trillion
DHS Rogue Agency (heh; #Opbaclackheath - Winning! :)) 'Lord'
Just for starters heh!  

More Coverage we're getting sent in (no time to verify!):From the Ron Paul Campaign!!!!!!
HOORAY - we've been asking them to GET STUCK IN for 8 MONTHS! D-Noticed (UK) 15trillion DHS

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