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The White Rabbit! ;) It's @OccupyOfficial The Occupy Movement in America has started the Ascension!  We think our request (yesterday! Instantaneous manifestation!!) ... to His Holiness the Dalai Lama had something to do with it!  

Dalai Lama, when he puts his (only human, as even GODS ON EARTH NOW REALISE THERE ARE NO GODS) SINGLE HUMAN MIND on the subject ... u never know, even The White Rabbit is prepared to have his ears bent back a bit about this one, but NOTICE THE SYNCHRONOUS TIMING of: a) Consciousness Raising of His Holiness The Dalai Lama 2) The White Rabbit Request to pursue the thought ... and then 3) ... THIS!!!!!!

"City of Sacramento Drops all Cases Against Occupy Defendants

June 14, 2012 by Nathan | 0 comments

Thursday, June 14, 2012

City of Sacramento vacates administrative penalty claims against all Occupy defendants; Judge criticized City for abusing authority by charging the penalties after failing in criminal court

SACRAMENTO – Pro bono lawyers working for Occupy Sacramento defendants said the City of Sacramento has now dismissed all of its cases charging those arrested during protests at Cesar Chavez Park “administrative penalties.”

In late May, a Superior Court judge ruled that City of Sacramento abused its authority by attempting to charge administrative penalties for each Occupy Sacramento defendant after the City had failed to successfully prosecute them in criminal court.

The “test” case involved Katherine Coke. This week’s decision involves at least another half dozen others.

The City of Sacramento has made at least 110 arrests surrounding protests at Chavez Park from October through December. No one has ever been convicted. The City had sought to “punish” them through administrative penalties, thereby avoiding giving defendants their due process rights in court.

Occupy lawyers and civil libertarians said this is yet another victory for civil liberties and Occupy activists, who have declared since last October that their civil rights are being violated by the City of Sacramento.

“This case is about abuses of government power. The City had its opportunity to prosecute misdemeanor charges against Ms. Coke and the other Occupy protestors for political speech, and Ms. Coke would have been able to put on her Constitutional defenses in that forum,” said Patrick Soluri, a pro bono attorney for Ms. Coke.

“But, after failing to competently prosecute the criminal cases, the City was forced to dismiss them in their entirety. The City then misused its administrative penalty procedure by thereafter prosecuting Ms. Coke in a kangaroo court where she could not put on an adequate defense. The court the City’s actions to be an abuse of its authority, and set aside the administrative proceeding in its entirety,” he said. (continues)


But there again, we're only ...

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