Monday, 25 June 2012

#OTB @OccupyManJose #OccupySanJose HEROES #OWS #OccupyTheBanks

As promised to the HEROES conducting the succesfful peaceful occupation of the BANKS in SAN JOSE, here we give their TREAT:  the visuals, and the video/audio (re-mix! ;~)!).

It's @OccupyOfficial - These Are The True Heroes of The Second Great American Revolution:  Why Don't YOU PERSONALLY JOIN THEM TODAY?



They get the idea it's time to MOVE YOUR MONEY (FAKE FIAT MONEY) into REAL COLD HARD PRECIOUS METALS ... like The White Rabbit recommends all occupiers do (and if you don't have any money sign up anyway, and MAKE SOME GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM and PALLADIUM safe and neat like, in Switzerland, Hong Kong, or right under the nose of the BANKSTERS in BANKSTER OCCUPIED BRITAIN!

 Criminals - you have been warned!

Seems like the BANKSTERS too busy Counting SLAVE BONUS to learn to read which way the alphabet goes up! ;) Nothing like pointing out how STUPID your average wanna be Baby-Psycho-Banksta is! Illiterate as well as innumerate (except when it comes to sending YOU the bill for THEIR CRIMINALITY ... Because that's what many of these SCUM are!

Hah! And so over to the essential team pic! #OTB HEROES ALL fighting for FREEDOM from ECONOMIC COMMUNIST ENSLAVEMENT in the heart of BANKSTER OCCUPIED SAN JOSE AMERICA! Why don't you hit @OccupyManJose up and GET GOING WHERE YOU ARE?! The nearest Occupy The Banks is as near as YOUR nearest BANK #OWS! :)

There, see now if just a few tiny number of you get out and about ONCE per day; banksters gone. ;) That's ... The White Rabbit!

PS U ready to RISEUP n RABBIT testing, testing, ETHERPAD 1?! HUMAN RACE get off your knees; it's TIME; time to get this SECOND GREAT EMANCIPATION UNDERWAY!!

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