Friday, 29 June 2012

#MUSIC They Don't Care About Us #MichealJackson

We are still under extremely heavy DoS from IP (a few others too, but mainly that one).  Unfortunately a call to the listed ABUSE contact telephone number elicited a lady who didn't even know what a WHOIS was .... Urmmm ... #Lulz (u gotta laugh!).  An hour later, and finally through to their parent company, we have a technical support chap who seems to clearly grasp (having been left in no doubt) about the seriousness of the situation.  We are expecting (and if not, the matter way well be put straight before the relevant national and International authorities (possibly to include military authorities) a resolution ASAP, and will update the moment we have this IP address BANNED from exiting the Akamai Network ... Matters slightly confused due to the recent takeover:  Meantime, a reminder, of why Micheal Jackson never made it to old age ...

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