Wednesday, 27 June 2012

#MEXICO Fast & Furious Sinoloa #DRUGS RABBIT

Sometimes, diving in at the deep end just doesn't work, so if you're a bit lost with how it can be that the highest law officer in America also happens to be the MAFIA GUN RUNNER for the BIGGEST NASTIEST bunch of drug lords in Mexico (with the lives of TENS OF THOUSANDS of innocent (and not so innocent) people on their hands, as we pointed out (and received much thanks in) in this post about MEXICO DISAPPEARED. Now we publish this now slightly dated piece because it covers the basics of what's been going on (let's call it MASSIVE ILLEGALITY AT THE TOP OF THE LEGAL PROFESSION IN AMERICA .. U know the Rabbit, not yet known to mince words ... We're vegetarian, after all!).

"Has the Sinaloa drug cartel of Mexico replaced Whitey Bulger as the U.S. federal government's most favored gang (MFG)? Why did the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), under Operation Fast and Furious, let criminals buy firearms, smuggle them across the Mexican border and deliver them into the hands of vicious drug cartels?

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By Liberty News Network National Correspondent Thomas R. Eddlem.

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The White Rabbit

PS We would comment they would do MUCH better at spreading their word if they had a copyright statement that read: PLEASE COPY AND REDISTRIBUTE AS WIDELY AS POSSIBLE (and of course included adverts for their organisation inside the video). Oh well, it seems they get liberty, but have no understanding of the nature of how to distrubute memes in the 21st Century ... We feel sorry for all of those Swans missing quills. :/
PPS Liberty News Network, if you ever read this, your copyright statement led this video to NOT be uploaded to our sister site's youtube channel; you missed 30,000 potential views.
PPS It's only becuase we're REAL nice have we left your promo in this at all; frankly, if you don't want to share with us, we're not going to be sharing your details with others again.  Perhaps "Liberty News Network" should learn sharing, is caring.



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