Sunday, 24 June 2012

#LECTURE William Cooper - Behold A Pale Horse RT

And so as we saw our sister website/idea (coming back online hopefully TODAY!!!!) @censorednewsnow tangled up in a short discussion about whether or not Alex Jones deserves *all* of the credit for waking people up, we simply find ourselves HAVING to step in; after all it's @OccupyOfficial ... The White Rabbit! 

 You see, for those who seek to place any ONE INDIVIDUAL [or organisation] upon a PEDESTAL of "do know wrong; have no bias" is JUST WRONG in and of itself. It's also horrifically (even if unintentionally) downplaying the great number of lives lost (some publicly, and recently), and many, many, MANY unsung heros - whistleblowers; those that GOT DONE IN ALONG THE WAY by the Dark Cabal determined to maintain it's DARK GRIP ON HUMANITY!   To wake people up is to sit behind a desk most of the time. It is not to (yet) for instance, to be poisoned, but it *is* in the case of Alex Jones, an ADMITTED MIND CONTROL OPERATION - to this extent only (AFAIK): Alex Jones PUBLICLY ADMITS that he will 'No go there' when it comes to EXOPOLITICS. That omission is a historic FAIL. :(

Over to someone who spoke what they thought (after just as much research as Alex Jones if not more), we introduce to the younger audience here, someone who was a leader in this field of exposing the EXOPOLITICAL REALITIES of the DIMENSIONS of REALITY here ON and ABOVE and ALSO UNDER PLANET EARTH ...  We've got to introduce you to the NOW KILLED (on 5th November 2001; less than THIRTY DAYS AFTER 911) basic introduction to one of the most enduring of researchers during the many years any involvement in this subject when it was not 'cool'. Just hard work, lots of DANGER, and quite a few piled up bodies along the way ... As confirmed by USA Astronaut: The Biggest White Hat Secret. And what his WIKIPEDIA ENTRY doesn't say, is that HE ALONG WITH ALEX JONES are the only TWO known (to The White Rabbit!) Radio Broadcasters in America (indeed, world, possibly) to have PREDICTED 911 just WEEKS 

Of course Alex is great at getting people to understand GODZILLA AMOK SEEING TO ENSLAVE AGAIN FOR MOR CENTURIES with it's DARK MAGIKAL POWER OF ILLUSIONS. But bottom line is he knows there is an issue, UNDERPINNING EVERYTHING GEOPOLITICALLY, but won't COVER it ... because, well, you'll have to ask Alex why!!  


"As Far As The Rabbit Knows"! ;) #Lulz

We've all gotta eat (#Carrot) and may be it's as simple as all the religious crazies would turn off and trash what he's so impressively built by his very, clearly, hard work over decades. But mind control it is, because of this one single omission. Of course, because there is ONE omission that he KNOWS he's omitting. Well, fact is, there could be Mor!

To be clear .... The White Rabbit! Whole warren huge AJ fans :~) But alone? Try this:

WILLIAM COOPER PREDICTS 911 And Turns Up Dead Less Than A Month Later SHOT BY POLICE! ;)

PS You do know we've got just the VERY (and almost only) the BEST EXOPOLITICS BRIEFINGS for businesses, corporations, non-profits, charities and of course, OCCUPIERS AND ANONS, possibly, if you forgive the pun: on and off the Planet! ;~)

 It's @OccupyOfficial after all!

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