Friday, 29 June 2012


Now there's nothing more the BANKSTERS hate Mor than NOT getting their SLICE OF YOU.  Fact.  The State is completely unable or unwilling to act against organised war criminals IN THE PAY OF THE WORLD's LARGEST ORGANISED CRIME GROUP (JP MORGAN), so it would seem, this person believes you have NO DUTY WHATSOEVER to pay your taxes.

Frankly, sounds fair enough, to any HONEST person, SICK of paying for COMMUNISM to be IMPOSED on them in a TOTALITARIAN FASCIST WAY.  (continues)

Spook and Crook your way around the planet all you want WHILST YOU STILL CAN BANKSTERS:  no knobbs to fiddle with where you're all ending up, that's a promise CROOKS!

No private jets, no baths even; just BIG BONERS ALL NIGHT (and no, they're not going to be yours! ;~) ... You're going to an ADULT jail paedo-elites. ;)  At let me tell you asshole; there's nothing VIOLENT criminals HATE more than PAEDO  RICH KIDDIE FUCKERS.  What a delight to look forwards to for the British Awake and Aware Crowd ...  Even if the vast majority still sleep under the soporific 'misdemeanor terms of the daily laughagraph 'news' coverage.

"Uploaded by TheHolySpirit on Oct 31, 2009

It seems that the MWH website is no longer available. There is, however, an active Facebook page with regular conversation. Please check it out.

---------------------------- I'll leave the rest below here in case the website comes back up in the future ----------------
LEGAL Employers letter here-

Legal Crime Report here-

Guide to War Law-

Model Pension Providers Letter-

Frequently Asked Questions (Reporting War Crimes)-

War Law and Parliament -

The British Government's Deceptions on War Law-

The Laws of War-

False, Deceptive & Misleading Legal Advice-

Death Toll-

Ignorance of the Law-

Correct Legal Advice on the illegality of the war with Iraq-

Make Wars History- "

One wonders what next; maybe the Judges have more to hide than they are letting on?  Judges who won't judge on WAR CRIMES ... Some might think are NO JUDGES AT ALL.

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