Saturday, 30 June 2012

#KANATA Justice 4 Corey Peeace #NWO POLICING

Building on our coverage of the impending (tomorrow!) launch of a historic court case against both the Vatican and the Crown of England by just about the only Christians worthy of the name left in the West (all the rest pretend to be interested in social justice, whilst being quite happy to do NOTHING to solve problems (save of course pray someone else takes the terrible risks involved in taking on (with the intent of taking down) some of the largest, and most intelligence connected entities on the planet.  Anyway, for those 'Christians' who wish to do nothing other than complain whist doing nothing else, please go away.  Society does not need you; you have made yourselves irrelevant (like the Church of England in the UK by backing the Banksters against the occupiers at Occupy London Stock Exchange ... Oh well, at least it seems in Kanata (sic), Christianity, in it's true form of standing up for the oppressed, the victims, is not just alive, but burning very, very brightly indeed.  Here's the sort of injustice that has got Canadian Christians upstanding.

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