Friday, 29 June 2012

#INVESTING Silver v Real Estate USA #Occupy RT

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PS Why don't you protect the purchasing power (what little of it there is left) before *all* of YOUR assets (denominated in FAKE FRAUD FIAT FED DOLLARS, goes up in a puff of smoke ... It's NEVER too late to PROTECT YOURSELF from the BANKSTERS. Click here and open a FREE PRECIOUS METALS HOLDING right now; take but 3 minutes!! ;) 

Do you even understand that for EVERY ONE OUNCE of physical SILVER you take off the market today, JP MORGAN - the GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE; has to find ONE HUNDRED OUNCES, or thereabouts, to cover it's MARKET MANIPULATORY COOKING of the MARKETS!  Don't believe The White Rabbit though; the CFTC Whistle-blower's FULL UNEXPURGATED LETTER appears on this site (yes; even though it was DISAPPEARED by YOUR 'regulator' Americans! Hah ... and you think you HAVE a regulator?

"Updated: A.M. Kitco Metals Roundup: Comex Gold Sharply Higher, Pushes Above $1,600, amid Bullish "Outside Markets," Risk-On Trading Day

Friday June 29, 2012 9:15 AM

Comex gold futures prices are sharply higher and have pushed above the key $1,600.00 level in early U.S. trading Friday. The precious metals and many other markets are rallying strongly in the wake of surprising results coming out of the European Union summit meeting in Brussels. Heavy short covering is a feature in both the gold and silver futures markets Friday morning. August gold last traded up $47.80 at $1,598.20 an ounce. Spot gold was last quoted up $45.50 an ounce at $1,598.00. July Comex silver last traded up $1.423 at $27.67 an ounce. (continues) ...."


"GoldMoney now offers metal and vault exchanges to all customers

London, 18 June 2012 – GoldMoney, one of the world’s largest providers of physical bullion for retail and corporate investors, makes it easy for customers to convert one metal into another and to transfer metals between storage locations in London, Zurich and Hong Kong. Basic Holding customers can now also use these services, which were initially only available to customers with a Full Holding.

GoldMoney customers can trade gold, silver, platinum and palladium online in nine different currencies: US dollars, euros, British pounds, Japanese yen, Swiss francs, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Hong Kong dollars and New Zealand dollars. On the company’s global liquidity platform,, investors can buy, store and sell precious metals easily, securely and 24 hours a day.

The metal exchange facility provides customers with the option of leveraging the value of different precious metals against each other, to optimise their investment return and achieve flexible diversification of their assets across different jurisdictions. Preserving one’s wealth from inflation and geopolitical risks has become increasingly difficult, but GoldMoney provides investments in tangible assets that preserve your purchasing power during troubled economic times."


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