Wednesday, 27 June 2012

#ICELAND Corrupt Govt & Rothschild #BANKSTERS

Hello ... The White Rabbit here ... Are any humans awake anywhere on the planet EXCEPT Iceland? HELLO?!? ... HELLO .... If there are any other humans except in Iceland that are actually humans (and thus value FREEDOM rather than SLAVERY), perhaps you can gain a few tips from this short video as to WHO you need to ARREST right NOW! ;~)

It's so funny, finds The White Rabbit (if it wasn't so tragic) that the Brainwashed Americans will NOT agree (of course, for MORAL and ETHICAL reasons to bail out HUMANS, yet, content in their continuing and deepening ENSLAVEMENT, they never bat an EYELID at the MORAL CORRUPTION RUN RAMPANT AND AMOK, as enunciated by a regular reader in GODZILLA AMOK ... No, bailouts for non human corporations; Americans, fine with that. Bailouts for sentient beings; NEVER!!

Americans are so enslaved by their chemical poisoning and ABJECT INABILITY TO SEE WHAT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE NOSES, that well, with all those nukes, really peeps, this is getting REAL dangerous for ALL of HUMANITY ... and of course ...

The White Rabbit
PS  Update on the Dark Cabal hack ... we've got some EVIDENCE!! :)  HAH!  Fuckers, unless you can PRODUCE A WARRANT, we predict: You be GOING DOWN! ;~)
PPS Regulars, you want to see some screenshots?  Sometime the COURT OF INTERNET is the best place to EXPOSE THE DARK CABAL COMPANIES!  What do you think?!  Let us know in the comments; we ARE listening (only difference is, we do it LEGALLY! <g>)!!

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