Friday, 15 June 2012


With an opening voiceover that is WRONG (just see our EXOPOLITICS section (bottom of the page), we still think this video is a must watch for one and all, not just because it's the weekend, and almost everyone likes a good free full length UFO documentary, but because the subject NEEDS to be pushed RIGHT TO THE FRONT of GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS; it's intricately TIED TO ASCENSION; to raising humanities consciousness globally as to the true nature of reality (long suppressed).  Did you see the Dalai Lama's Ascension CAUGHT BY THE WHITE RABBIT BY SCREENSHOT?

You see, many think, and The White Rabbit agrees, that you simply CANNOT understand what is going on POLITICALLY 'on-the-ground' until you understand a TINY FEW on the ground understand the contents of our EXOPOLITICS section, and much more!  You see, it's a trite comment (to a few) to say "UFO's: it's not about the lights in the sky, but the LIES ON THE GROUND"!  And so many are finally working out their Governements not only lie to them, but also sign off on PLANNING TO MURDER THEM as in this classic US MILITARY DOCUMENT even the dumbest American cannot deny!

If you've been watching and paying attention to the subject of EXOPOLITICS for any length of time AT ALL, you see DISCLOSURE BY GOVERNMENTS is RACKING UP WORLDWIDE.  It's the freaking NAZI USA that won't play ball with now ALMOST EVERY OTHER COUNTRY wishing them to.  If you don't believe this statement, you need to hear the Ex-Defence Minister for Canada's CALL FOR WAR INSIDE AMERICA to restore the USA to CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT under the President.  It's that simple Occupy, Anons, and any one else reading.  Make it happen!

If you want the NSA DOX, the Gary McKinnon interview, etc; again, see EXOPOLITICS at the bottom of any page on this site! ;)  Really, if you didn't know it was there, it's one of the subjects we get THE MOST THANKS for covering with such clarity.  You see, in a sea of BULLSHIT BY DESIGN of MISINFORMATION and DISINFORMATION ... Well know, that's why The White Rabbit tunnelled up from the Warren in the first place!  To save humanity from this CRIMINAL CABAL!!  You can ever find out the REAL HISTORY of the last 60 years, as just ONE side-benefit from YOUR greater awareness of WHO and WHAT you REALLY are!


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