Friday, 15 June 2012


It's @OccupyOfficial ... It's TIME TO BOYCOTT THE DAILY MAIL AND ANYONE THAT ADVERTISES IN IT FROM THIS SUNDAY.  If you're currently advertising there, we suggest you may want to CANCEL THAT CONTACT RIGHT NOW, before COB!

The Daily Mail (UK MSM) comments section displays some of the Brits are starting to wake up to the role of the media in trashing Occupy and Occupiers ... Big shame really, because The Daily Mail is perhaps the one, or the only one of the MSM papers that actually occasionally (very well hidden in the usual fare of celebrity bullshit) publishes an  absolute GEM!  It seems they have fallen to the Dark Cabal however, as this ONE COMMENT makes totally plain; to those occupiers that KNOW occupy is NOT a left wing nor communist conspiracy but a DEMAND FOR THE RETURN OF THE RULE OF LAW which is CROSS PARTY AND NO PARTY... things, well, couldn't be put with any more simplicity.  Daily Mail; epic fail! ;
"Beautifully written but full of inaccuracies, prejudices & contradictions. "Hypocritical student jolly" - none were students. "Mess they made at St Paul's" - what mess? "With their litter" - what litter? "...witless to think they were doing the less privileged a favour" - in Tower Hamlets & Hackney many of the 'less priveleged' thanked occupiers for making their parks safer spaces (by deterring drug dealers & muggers) and for providing cups of tea and listening ears and a sense of hope to those at the end of their tether. "Massive bunch" of occupiers? The CoL reported that there were less than 20. Can the detractors get their figures sorted out? "Harrassing dog walkers... bullying" - really? Were they? I know these occupiers and it seems unlikely. A pensioner in Mile End said "these guys are some of the kindest, most polite people I've ever met". "Laziest, most slovenly choice" - you think living in a tent in the city is a lazy choice? It's not. "Glamping" - you're kidding, right?!
- hazel, London, UK, 13/6/2012 21:24"

A note to the Editor; your actions have marked you: "666".  Really, you could have called for the return of the rule of law, and a return to PROSECUTING COMMON CRIMINALS (i.e. many of those 'elite' banksters' minions in the City of LondCON).  You chose to not accept your place in destiny.  So be it.  We predict you will no longer EXIST within less than 12 months from today.  


This is an Occupy PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT from #OccupyOfficial (who to be clear, has consulted only himself before calling for this GLOBAL OCCUPY BOYCOTT OF ANY BUSINESS THAT GIVES BUSINESS TO THE DAILY MAIL)  If they want to produce DISINFORMATION to enslave a NATION, let it be with the BANKSTERS BUCKS, not yours Occupy!! ;)  We're NOT going to be PAYING THE INTEREST (or principal) back; not this time, assholes.  And as for the NEWS THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT (and should have been covering, for MONTHS NOW); see


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