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DM message just collected sent 19 hours ago (thus GMT circa 11pm 25th June 2012)

Switch to Linux (the best {at the risk of getting myself killed by Linux Fans} would be UBUNTU.COM ). If you are on a Windows machine:

a) download the Ubuntu.com CD and burn NOW (see bottom of this page for a note on WHICH VERSION to use); it's a live CD;

b) reboot with your new Ubuntu Operating System still in the CD tray, then;

c) Run the "Hardware Tester"; if all your hardware comes up, you're good to go install the moment you've backed up your Windows DATA. Don't forget that! ;)

Main website: http://www.ubuntu.com
Official Documentation: https://help.ubuntu.com/
Community Support: https://help.ubuntu.com/community 

1. If you cannot reinstall immediate: 

2. pull out *all* unnecessary hardware leads; 

3. wrap down Windows as best as can be (specifically switch off any and all remote access programmes such as "Remote Desktop") ...

4. Obviously you want that camera (and any microphones) UNPLUGGING IMMEDIATELY.

5. Use Tor (they get your IP address by getting you to click on e.g. a link in a DM ... that's only sent to you ... so more careful with clicking DM links)!

More security recommendations mor generally: connect using Tor, SSL (therefore two layers of encryption) to the contact JABBER instant messaging address on our CONTACT page, where once these nasty peeps have been locked out, we can discuss more privately!

Use Jitsi.org for all of the above; comes with PERFECT FORWARD SECRECY.

A few tips, off the top of the large White Ears; of ....

The White Rabbit
PS Sender of the above; u can see we'e got our own problems likewise today! We are going offline tonight to reinstall from fresh ... Before they were watching; now they're being real naughty ... Just to say: Welcome to the world of ... The White Rabbit!

PPS Regular's if you've noticed strange whited out parts of the site appearing; this may be the same nasty peeps ...

PPPS just in:


"Iran’s intelligence minister has accused the U.S., the U.K. and Israel of planning a “massive cyberattack” against his country after talks this week over Iran’s nuclear program failed to reach an agreement, Iranian state TV reported on Thursday June 21,2012.

Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi said the attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities was planned after the talks in Moscow aimed at curtailing Iran’s nuclear program broke down.

He didn’t say how Iran had detected the attack or where the information came from, but he said the attack was planned by the U.S. and “the Zionist regime” as well as Britain’s MI6 intelligence service, according to Iran’s state-run Press TV.

“They still seek to carry out the plan, but we have taken necessary measures,” Moslehi said, according to the report.

The New York Times reported earlier this month that President Barack Obama had ordered attacks on the computers that run Iran’s nuclear facilities, accelerating a plan that began before he came to office. That led to the infamous Stuxnet virus that targeted Iran’s Natanz plant, according to the Times.

Press TV also cited a Washington Post report that said the U.S. and Israel had cooperated on a new virus, called Flame, to target Iran’s nuclear program.

Reuters, which was among the first to pick up the Press TV report, said it was unclear if Moslehi’s remarks had been referring to Flame or to a new attack.

Those who commissioned the malware Flame also created the deadly Stuxnet, say Kaspersky Labs, who have discovered an identical piece of code in both worms. What appeared to be two unrelated programs are probably part of the same cyberwar campaign.

“The new findings that reveal how the teams shared the source code of at least one module in the early stages of development prove that the groups co-operated at least once,” wrote Aleksandr Gostev, chief security expert for Russian security company Kaspersky Labs.

Flame, which was discovered only last month, despite operating for several years, is a cyber-espionage program. After infiltrating computer systems through hundreds of possible vulnerabilities, it records all of the user’s information, from printed documents to voices recorded on the microphone. ... (Continues) ..."

Source: (available via Cache only)/credit @censorednewsnow


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