Friday, 29 June 2012


Hedge Fund:


"Earlier, Tan Chi Min, a former head of delta trading for RBS’s global banking and markets division in Singapore, alleged that managers at RBS condoned collusion between its staff to set the Libor rate artificially high or low to maximise profits.

He named five staff members he claims made requests for the Libor rate to be altered and three senior managers who he said knew what was going on.

He also says the practice 'was known to other members of [RBS]’s senior management'.

Mr Tan, who was eventually sacked for gross misconduct, worked for RBS from August 2006 to November 2011and alleges that senior members of staff knew about Libor fixing, and that the behaviour started while Fred Goodwin was chief executive

During his dismissal case he accused Brevan Howard, one of Europe's largest hedge funds, of asking RBS to change the Libor rate.

He accused the fund of telephoning the bank on in August 2007 asking if they could change the bank's Libor submission.



"Brevan Howard is a global alternative asset manager, managing significant institutional assets across a number of diversified strategies.

Brevan Howard has offices in St Helier, London, Geneva, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Washington and São Paulo.

Please send all Investor relations/fund:
enquiries to:

Please send all other enquiries to:

For regulatory disclosures click here

"Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP

UK Stewardship Code

FSA Conduct of Business Rule 2.2.3R requires FSA authorised firms to either disclose their compliance or explain their non-compliance with the principles set out in the UK Financial Reporting Council's Stewardship Code (the "Code"). Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP ("BHAM" or “the Firm”) is regulated by the FSA in the United Kingdom and therefore subject to the Code.

BHAM manages assets across a number of global diversified hedge fund and UCITS strategies, but does not take an activist shareholder approach. Accordingly, whilst the Firm supports the Code as a mechanism to promote best practice in the institutional shareholder conduct of UK listed companies, the Firm does not consider the Code or its principles to be appropriate for the funds’ investment strategies. BHAM actively endorses hedge fund industry best practice and is a founding member of the Hedge Fund Standards Board, a body which promotes hedge fund best practice in relation to disclosure, valuation, risk management and fund governance."


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PS  We expect a PUREHEART LINK may become apparent (maybe not, but hey, you know these GLOBAL CRIME GROUPS; they like to COLLUDE!
PPS Obviously you might want to SELL EVERYTHING YOU OWN connected to this 'Hedge Fund'; we deeply suspect it's investors are just about to LOSE EVERYTHING!
PPPS Obviously if you live in one of those named jurisdictions, time to GET ON THE PHONE DEMANDING ARRESTS!

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