Saturday, 30 June 2012


"Kroll persuaded City police to launch doomed £1m probe
Revealed: corporate sleuths initiated police investigation to protect client’s reputation

By Tim Wood and Andrea Perry | 29 June 2012 | 1 Related piece

Exposed: confidential Kroll e-mails

Exposed: confidential Kroll e-mails

Corporate investigators Kroll instigated a doomed £1 million police investigation to protect the reputation of an insurance company, confidential e-mails show.

Exaro has obtained a series of e-mails from within the highly secretive corporate-investigations giant that detail how it enlisted the help of police in the UK as part of an operation code-named ‘Project Marten’, to protect Guy Carpenter, the global reinsurance company.

One e-mail reports on a key meeting between Kroll and senior police officers, saying: “The meeting went very well and they have offered significant assistance. ... (continues) ..."


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PS  As you may wonder; just WTF is going on when PRIVATE INTELLIGENCE COMPANIES direct the work of the TERRORIST SQUAD of the City of London Police?  Expect to hear more about this, including in our very next post ... But if this news is completely new to you, you need review immediately this short video which contains some of the essential basics of this MASSIVE BLATENT MIS-APPROPRIATION of UK Public Funds (and  that is just the very, very start of this perhaps the most disturbing case of TERRORIST SQUAD CORRUPTION in the EU.   With coppers this bent running TERRORISM related investigations in the UK, NO ONE (except the terrorists it would seem) is safe.   Guy Carpenter's board, if in any way requesting, authorizing (or simply being willfully blind to this MASSIVE HARASSMENT of an HONEST UK National (and a person increasingly recognized as having more ethics in his little left finger than most of the Terrorist Squad on the City of London Police put together); clearly SCUMBAGS!

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