Friday, 29 June 2012


"King attacks 'deceitful' banking culture

The Governor of the Bank of England has launched a scathing attack on “deceitful” investment banking and called for a “real change in the culture of the industry” stretching right to the top, in the wake of the Barclays rate-fixing scandal"

HAHAHAHAHA - we said it just before, and we're saying it again!!! What a LAUGH the MSM is to day in the UK; get over and CHECK IT OUT. 

Daily Telegraph give ACRES OF SPACE to BRITAINS BIGGEST BANKING FRAUDSTER In CHEIF; cheif couterfieter of value and person RESPONSIBLE for HISTOCIAL (literally) FRAUD on EVERY LAST RESIDENT AND CITIZEN of the UK if not the WORLD:

EDDIE GEORGE; your DAYS ARE NUMBERED; no one falls for your FOOLISH CRIMINAL SYNDICATE's ROTHSCHILD FRAUDS ANYMORE (least not anyone with a brain, which may no longer be those that read the daily LAUGHAGRAPH without understanding how it's used to PERPETUATE a FOUR HUNDRED YEAR FRAUD on the BRITISH PEOPLES .... 

We suspect Mr King may be down for termination by the Drake ... I mean, this man has NO DIGNITY whatsoever ...

There was a time in the UK in recent memory when persons in PUBLIC office (even though working for a PRIVATE CARTEL OF UNKNOWN INDIVIDUALS (hiding behind the BANK OF ENGLAND NOMINEES LIMITED (check it out on Companies House) ... You may fool the STUPID readers of the Daily LAUGHAGRAPH, but not ...


The White Rabbit!

PS  Don't understand how KING is the KING of COUNTERFEITERS in the UK (and running along for TOP counterfeiter worldwide (only beaten to it by HELICOPTER USAMA BIN BERNANKE himself (along with a few major EUROPEAN CROOKS) ... You need:  
The Secrets of Oz ... (ES subtitles ;))

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