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The Dalai Lama's consciousness soars to new heights with one of the planet's only living gods realising gods do not exist - a clearer sign of ASCENSION there could not be: the Dalai Lama has ASCENDED INTO FULL RATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS!   Superstitions and Lore no more for the Dalai Lama!  Like The White Rabbit:  THE ONENESS - WE ARE ALL ONE ... as this short video calls it, or, as The White Rabbit prefers to mischievously re-title:  

Quantum Mechanics, Buddha & ... The White Rabbit!

"This is my first ever video compilaltion using clips and footage from Zeitgeist Addendum, Kymatica, Wake Up Call, big thanks to the creators of those movies for giving us a more in depth look into our true reality. This Video compilation acknowledges we are in fact all connected with one another and with everything. We have been mislead via the monetary system the global elite, the media they have taught us and manipulated us to think we are seperate and divided. 

But we are now evolving and understanding our true connection to the universe that we as a species are in fact all one conciousness with everything all at the same time. WE ARE ALL ONE!......THE INFINITE CONCIOUSNESS OF ONENESS....... "

The White Rabbit comes at things from  ...

the Quantum Connectivity angle AND the consciousness angle, but nevertheless, should state we may have got to this stage because The White Rabbit, as a mere almost baby young The White Rabbit, was most kindly instructed by The Dalai Lama (in Tibetan no less!!)) for three days ...  Topic:  Training The Mind!  Or no doubt mis-spelled by bad student rabbiting too much and not listening enough:  Layoong (?)  Your Holiness, if you ever come across this page:  THANK YOU (and thank you to the excellent Tibetan to English Translator, without whom, The White Rabbit, would have understood NOUGHT of your teaching!).  


Source (video):  Uploaded by wiznz on 25 Mar 2009"

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  1. Your library site is vast I will add a book to it. For over 100 yrs all the medical info hidden from U WHY its not profitable 2 cure U its profitable 2 treat U with Big Pharma drugs 2 keep U alive long enough 2 take every last dime U got and then leave ya dead.
    "The Time Traveler"

    1. Many thanks Anonymous, we will add that link to the library/book section (appears at the bottom of every page).

      We are aware of this issue, but, as you point out, it's actually incredibly hard to come across the right information, such that it is, highly censored from most.

      It's great to see (from other comments in, both on site and via Twitter) that many are starting to realise the relationship between ILL-heath and BIG PHARMA. That the current SYSTEM creates incentives, in ALL the WRONG places (to treat, not to cure; to treat, not to prevent, etc).

      FWIW, they almost killed this blog publisher (before, acting against all medical advice, I stopped taking the drug that was 'essential for my survival;, only to have it confirmed, that it was THAT VERY DRUG that was causing the continuance of a problem they had not even tested for but should have done, BEFORE putting me on any drug WHATSOEVER). Don't expect a doctor to save you; expect to have to become your own doctor, and have the confidence to act on the information you research which you find credible. Saved my ass (though it wasn't so easy at all going against what by that time was about 9 'experts', all extremely 'well qualified'.

      To this day, though the SCIENCE (blood tests) backs up my version of events, the doctors, without an ounce of integrity in their bones (all save the MD) came out of this DENYING everything, and even, would you believe, threatening me with criminal prosecution if I didn't accept their version of facts (you know, the version that exculpated them from any blame whatsoever). I.e. once INCONTROVERTIBLE evidence was in (blood test results), they chose rather than to ADMIT NEGLIGENCE, to attempt to cover up that negligence, even at the serious risk of killing me to do so. REad that last line again.

      Once we get to a a million page views or more, I might just tell you that story, and indeed, NAME THE DOCTORS CONCERNED.

      I'd simply LOVE it if they sued for libel! ;) heh.


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