Tuesday, 26 June 2012

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The worst sort of information (though you knew it already true); the buying up of the US media; proven by documentary evidence: CAMPAIGN FINANCING SYSTEM controls minds of America via HIDDEN DIRECT CONTROL over the CONTENT of NEWS in America. Congressional investigations SO DAMNING the were SUPPRESSED. 

 Time for war with Iran America? May be you'd better think THRICE about that ... you know, and try have some of your OWN thoughts about it, rather than those carefully, and very expensively, placed their by PSYCHOPATH Israeli leader(s) as confirmed by SHIN BET. Are you listening to ...  The White Rabbit! U see, The White Rabbit, really is riding waves of Inter-Webz to try save HUMANity ... for all HUMANS, and of course for ... The White Rabbit!

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"In 2010 a set of declassified documents from a sealed Senate Investigation revealed widespread Israeli manipulation of the United States corporate media.
The documents showed that Israel was attempting to quell any coverage of one of their nuclear weapons facilities as well as paying the Atlantic to spread disinformation to disrupt a U.S. peace proposal which would have allowed Palestinian refugees to return to their homes in Israel. Talk of censorship and disruption is also mentioned in the now declassified documents, something the Zionists seem to do very well."



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