Saturday, 26 May 2012

WOW -> #OPENSOURCE Open Source ! #OWS #OTB

PS; heh; we forgot to mention; u worked out FIX-OT above is this page yet; we are the HOME for PROMOTING THIS PLANETARY CHANGING OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE:

We have some much to say about this, but no time (right now).  We will say one thing.  This blog cannot be run for fun as a blog anymore if it is to get from 100,000+ page views per month to our next goal set for just THREE MONTHS TIME: 1,000,000 pageviews.  You are going to do this for us.  And we are going to start eating (at least carrot!  The White Rabbit's favourite food! (well kids, actually,a that's a mabe u might want to look up if you've got your own White Rabbit! <G>, but, moving on swiftly!!)!  We b finally getting our act together and going somehow a bit pro-blog over this next phase; there be no other way now our own carrot canteen is fully and truly past bare.  And so even though we have not managed to yet watch this one video, it's the most IMPORTANT video you are likely to see on this blog possibly THIS CENTURY.  And you know The White Rabbit! ;) No fool Rabbit! ;~)  It's @OccupyOfficial 

As first seen by .... The White Rabbit ... on ..

#OTB - Public Key Transaction Processor - create digital vaults
EN | GR | ES | FR | PT | IT | PL
#OTB - Open-Transactions - create bankster-free markets 
EN | GR | ES | FR | PT | IT | PT
 - U Need - ... The White Rabbit! ;~)
Operation Occupy The Banks - Hashtag #OTB  ABOUT

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