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UPDATE FIRST LEGAL DEMOCRATIC SOLUTIONS TO HUMAN PROBLEMS COMING IN:  DO NOTE COMMENTS IN!!  Also, @OccupyOfficial dearest ... OUT OF ORDER occupy declarations, on planet no Mor! :(   .... @censorednewsnow .... now = The White Rabbit!

HAHA 2012 ... U know it make legal sense! ;)

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UPDATE1 - the discussion has finally kicked off!!  Join in; dump the URL's to any organisation you know of anywhere in the world working towards these goals!

We got mail ... Our emphasis of her writing in RED ... our response, in BLUE, paragraph by paragraph .... WE'RE ON!!!!!

"DM @occupyofficial

You asked me a while ago witch subject or article had the must influence to me. I think I can finally articulate what I could not at that time. Your Blog has many tentacles that draws into the major them of the banksters. That is as it should be. The banksters are the central (Only) Issue and the opponents to defeat. I have understood this . The rest, tragic as is is , is ancillary to the main central core of all.

Agreed; if humanity wants to tackle the REAL ASCENSION; the SECOND ENGLIGHTENMENT... we have a HISTORIC MOMENT to go for it ... with the Net ... Or whether or not the  Occupy/Anon/TeaParty/Libertarians//Military/Police want to play at the edges of history (sitting about and/or beating each other up increasingly - whilst the banksters laugh on; selling weapons to all, collecting profits from every lockup of YOUR CHLDREN); rather than, just for a few moments; turning and facing the real enemy, which, as you so eloquently and correctly point is, is EVER SO CLEAR on this blog ...

It's akin to having Godzilla running rampant across the world and many singular groups selecting which part of the mess needs to be cleaned up first. Which aspect of the mess is most important and the need to prioritize (AS they where trained to do), while letting the creature run free. Ignoring the fact that we need to deal with the creature first and then clean up his aftermath.

Now, I could not have put it so eloquently, myself; 1400 posts, and never stated as clearly as that one paragraph above

You have structured you site to draw everyone with a separate issue in and then help them realize this on their own. Smart, that is very smart.

Not bad for a Rabbit! ;~)

My opponent is the main target. They fear exposure and are throwing out a smoke screen of everything in there injustice arsenal to dis-hearten the people. At times it is working. But for me the game has not changed. The banksters got to go, the elite need to be stripped of privileged and brought down to size.The powerful (in their own minds) need to be removed from power.


Your point about it not being about people, but about how people internally perceive themselves; is simply an outstanding understanding of where the problem really lies; INSIDE *humans* .... I did mention once, you bastards even SHOOT RABBITS.  WTF!

I had trouble understanding why it was that others want to rail against this power instead of turning their backs on it.What dose the average American have to do with London Banking?, Wall Street of DC? They have no ear there, no voice and no influence. No elected representatives to take their grievances to. What do we need the for? Let us make our own communities, our own goods, Incorporate ourselves, start employee owner business', take advantage of the loopholes and put our taxes in escrow. How simple. Let Washington beg us for a change. Its just a dream I have had for 20 years. But now, why can't it take shape , or be the basis for a better idea. The fundamental question is "Why do we need them?

You've got to the RIGHT QUESTION .... #Carrots for being the FIRST HUMAN ON PLANET EARTH TO REACH THE BOTTOM OF THE ENTRANCE TO THE WHITE RABBIT's WARREN ...  To reach the START of the PATH, through Wonderland ....

In short I gravitated to your blog because you know and teach the central theme of what is wrong. You show the "Godzilla" in the living room as no one else does. And this woman is glad your there. Anything you need in the way of help, count on me."

The White Rabbit is very unpleased to report instant payback in the form of 'Cable problems' have now been reported from the only person who wrote to say they get ...

The White Rabbit!

PS  For WEEKS now; the owners of (based in the UK ...) also have had ISP problems that seemingly cannot be resolved.  

Update 16th May 2012; downed last night; back up again now ... still having ISP/problems getting/maintaining connection!).  

The White Rabbit wishes it known, too, now there are TWO OTHERS also under BANKSTER ATTACK!  That AS WELL as being ILLEGALLY (IMHO) TROJANED  we've also had DNS removal via 'noise bursts on the line' for now 16 MONTHS just trying to publish this one blog from deep, deep, deep in the warren's deepest server room ... which has only been around for just about 7 months.

You see, I thought I'd better tell everyone; now just one human has finally worked out what The White Rabbit is trying to lead humanity to:  WONDERLAND

The banksters hate The White Rabbit ... ;) I can tell you, but NOT AS MUCH AS I HATE THE BANKSTERS!!!  10,000 ARRESTS OF THE BIGGEST SCOURGE TO HUMANITY EVER!  It's Time - Let's Roll  LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN HUMANS!!!

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Reminder, you won't be hearing this on the MSM (it's already censored in the WEST (check out the above hyperlink and see the Press.TV page (as @ 17th June 2011 DOWN {from the E}).  You've got your BANKSTERS to THANK for that, or if not, BE UPSTANDING:

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  1. What you are saying here is exactly what the British Constitution Group are already implementing in the UK - they are starting by setting up their own bank, removing the current monetary supply in the UK & using their own currency. They are in the process of creating their own infrastructure systems in duplicate to the current corrupt system & getting the British people to swap over to it. It is brilliant! They are determined, very clever & have got a lot of people worried (especially the British courts where many of the corrupt judiciary know they will be tried for treason) & many are moving across to the new system including police officers in droves. The world is watching them & many of us in other countries are going to follow suit - so my friend, it is already starting!!

    1. i wanna see the usa find the strength to mimic this good cause as well as they mimic what they are TOLD to covet

  2. You are very wrong in your understanding of what this website is all about. The British Constitution Group are making a heroic BUT (deliberately?) MISDIRECTED attempt, as you SO CORRECTLY point out to DUPLICATE the existing (ENTIRELY FRAUDULENT) system. There only difference is to think backing 100% nothing (with more nothing) somehow helps; this is in their intellectual error.

    You may see nothing wrong with swapping one set of BANKSTERS (operating at 3-7% capital reserve {what a joke; even if they were}, but we've covered the crimes of accountants earlier in the blog and will not reiterate) by a bunch of well-meaning people with little experience of global finance. We do. WE SEE THE BANKSTERS FIAT SYSTEM AS THE PROBLEM (not who is running it, but they do sort of seem to get there's some issue (which we get fully) about BACKING; what is BACKING or BACKSTOPPING the currency ...).

    So we encourage people NOT to support the British Contitution Group, but to BOMBARD every last member of it you can find involved in this heroic attempt at building a 'full reserve banking system' (it's essential difference, I do get ... but FULL RESERVES OF WHAT ... that is the issue THEY do not get (yet))!!

    In short, we wish to see nothing other than a rEVOLUTION in FINANCE; AWAY FROM THE BANKSTERS TOTAL CONTROL GRID and for power to shift (in real-time) to PEOPLE (and organisations) themselves AGAIN ... doing what they were once perfectly capable of doing ... managing their own wealth. The only difference is, now we have the tech to do it for us in our own rooms AUTOMATICALLY, cryptographically; WHILST WE SLEEP. Whilst the British Constitution Group don't have any of that; our currencies that we issue could also be entirely ANONYMOUS currencies ONLINE currencies; crypto-currencies (all of them; that would be a requirement). (continues)

    1. So the BCG duplicate and support a duplication of the existing system if you will; with NO REMOVAL OF THE CABAL FROM POWER (though they correctly perhaps intuitively understand what this site makes express in it's sixth ever post:

      So we will be continuing to call for and attempt to assist any law enforcement or law abiding citizens attempt at ARRESTING THE GLOBAL FIAT BANKSTER DARK CABEL ... And the instigation of a new monetary system entirely; a FREE MARKET CURRENCY SYSTEM WHERE ANYONE CAN ISSUE A CURRENCY, and where CODE; OPEN SOURCE COMPUTER CODE, that anyone can examine, be the basis of that new system.

      No more fraudulent bankster-to-bankster illicit creation of FAKE (and even massively FRAUDULENT money creation) ... which then enters the REAL WORLD system .. TRASHING LIVES AROUND THE GLOBE like GODZILLA! ;~)

      You see, we don't trust anyone but the PEOPLE to run the next financial system. And yes, that means YOU, Sir.

      We hope you come to realise this, we hope you come to support and retweet this website like crazy until we reach critical mass; rEVOLUTIONARY PLANETARY CONSCIOUSNEESS MUST RISE as to the ROOT CAUSE of ALL of the problems of humanity, as a whole, we must arise as one for this to happen; all people, all races, all continents.

      A new age; a SECOND ENGLIGHTENMENT awaits the brave.

      But the British Constitution Group 'Bank' has fully a place for ROYALTY controlling monetary systems, whether that be by external influence, or inside acknowledgement.

      It's Time To End the 1% Once and For All. ;~)

      We think it's time the British Constitution Group realised Britain is 100% BANKSTER OCCUPIED for CENTURIES, and playing with the edge of the system, well, that's FAILED, and FAILED, and FAILED. It's Time - Let's Roll! ;) 10,000 ARRESTS:

      We hope the British Constitution Group get on the right side of history, and JOIN US: CALL FOR 10,000 ARRESTS OF THE CRIMINAL BANKSTERS INFECTING THE GLOBE; call for those heroic British Police Officers to understand your people are with YOU, not the Banksters! Go get 'em boys and girls!!

      And this time, we really, really don't mind if you stick a false charge of resisting arrest on them ... We will understand fully if things get a bit out of hand with that BIG METAL STICK when it comes to actually getting your hands on these SCUM THAT ARE TAKING BRITAIN UNDER BY DESIGN.

      To be clear: we 100% support the British Constitution Group for anyone seeking *a* way to start some progress towards some aspects of mitigating the harm of the BANKSTERS RAPE OF BRITISH PEOPLE. But if you want the real deal; we suggest you suggest the crime and the perps to your local law enforecement (recorded delivery); then post your proof online and let us know where. We'd only be too happy to CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL INTERPOL ASSISTENCE if your local police force has been TOTALLY CORRUPTED by the BANKSTERS; like the TERRORIST SQUAD (per videos on this website) and the EXTRADITION SQUAD (per audios released on this website).

      The Brits didn't fight two world wars to keep the NAZIS out, only to wake up one day and realise the NAZI TAKE OVER OF BRITAIN is almost complete with KBR turning up to SNATCH and SHIP *BRITISH POLICE OFFICERS* off for daily ass-rape in America ... We suspect they understand a bit more than most what's *really* going on with the TRAITOR CAMEROON, OSBOURNE AND SASSOON GLOBAL MONEY LAUNDERING SCAMS. Merkel, too! ;)

      It's Time - Let's Roll ...


      Remember everyone; there IS NO TIME OTHER THAN NOW; it's an intellectual fantasy. If you want the BANKSTERS GONE. Get working on it as hard as we are NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!

      The White Rabbit! :~)
      Saving humanity, because humanity is too chickenshit.

    2. ¤~ no repacked old disfunctioning system needed here ~¤

  3. I'm fed up being told that the USA and Britain is a democracy. My whole life I have been a good upstanding citizen and yet governments make

    you feel that WE ARE thieves and scroungers. The money they have is taxed from the people! The money for pensions was earnt, the money

    for benefits a welfare system to take care of those that fell on hard-times, a fall back for everyone. This money is not the GOVERNMENT's

    MONEY. How do they make US FEAR THEM!

    When did we get to vote upon which wars we entered? When did we get to say which types of weapons would be used? When did we get asked

    if our money could be used to bale out stinking rich banks?

    What is actually shocking is that THE GOVERNMENT treats us like a foreign nation. I imagine us being a quiet law abiding people minding our

    own business, then along comes this 'enemy' laying laws upon us and forcing our way of life against our will, forcing us to take certain

    medication, forcing us to eat inorganic food, forcing us to PAY THEM MONEY TO SPEND HOW THEY LIKE .. like the bullies at school who steal

    your lunch money or your candy for themselves.

    How did this happen? How did our Governments that are meant to be our 'mother, our father, our protector, our provider, our care-giver, our

    big brother, our big sister' come to be the one hurting us? Poisoning us, bruising us, punishing us, stealing from us? Bullying us, taking away

    our dreams that we had a children to live out our days in gloom knowing that we will die miserable having no money, no home, sick

    descendants and a sick planet.

  4. Dreams are meant to be lived. If the Government are spoiling our dreams, then they have to be ousted. People my dream was to build my own

    home on some land & plant a garden to be self-sufficient, raise a family and teach them good morals, teach them to treat others kindly.

    The money-greedy Governments are not interested in our dreams or they would be helping us to achieve them. What has going to war with

    any country got to do with taking care of us? Governments have created their own enemies. They have made their own people hate them,

    and if this is the case then they are bound to be hated by others too. I am disgusted
    to actually be associated with the killings that have gone on.

    I read a report that we are more likely to be killed by our own furniture than to be killed by terrorism! The paranoia of the Nations has spoilt

    daily life. It's sad. I don't trust Government and I don't trust the media, or the doctors who are brainwashed into feeding us drugs and they take and if they give you anything then

    they exact guilt from you. We dare not expect anything from them even
    though they are merely the guardians of our money, right?

    I'm thinking we need to rise up and speak out. They should be our voice. They are speaking a foreign language to me, their minds are evil,

    hearts have no beat, they are as dead men with no care. Put people in power that actually care about us! Why do people try to get elected? I
    think its just for fame and power, as I see no care in actions. If they
    cared, the poor would be cared for, the sick would not be treated badly,
    peoples needs would be met.

    Our money should be with-held from them. They are like a bad father that instead of feeding his family and clothing them, spends it all on

    his own whims ... porn, gambling, hobbies, interests .... and lets his family starve, even beating them if they ask for anything. Thanks

    Governments, we really look up to you. We are so proud to see you beating up our brothers and sisters in the world. Such an example you are

    to us! We can't
    wait to emulate you (I don't think!)

    Let's get all the like minded poor people together and build our own dreams. Pool money together, build our own resources .. those that have

    no money can donate their skills, and we can all benefit from it. All the homeless should have a home, ... lets buy land as a community, build

    our own houses, produces our own power, create our own water sources, grow our own food, exchange produce with each other, trade with

    each other and be done with the bully Governments that DO NOT REPRESENT US!

  5. Bullies always stop people talking. They don't want people to discover what they are really like. I ran away from domestic abuse. My ex was the sweetest talking man to everyone he met. A right charmer, softly spoken.
    Behind closed doors he was manipulative, controlling, abusive, vulgar, a bully, threatening, evil, disgusting, a liar, addicted to porn, a thief, threatened to kill me if I dared leave him, threatened to slander me if I left, threatened me with blackmail, made me miscarry twice, bullied the children, bullied work associates in private, faked his credentials, lied about people, made other people out to be the bad guys.

    I am noticing these tactics in Government. I notice how sweetly talking these politicians are. They get voted in because they seem so charming, as if they are concerned... but get in power and they use us all like slaves to rule the world, to see how far they can extend their power and OPPRESS US ALL. Why should they get the good clothes, the big houses, the good food?, they are eating OUR money RIGHT? They get paid to be our representatives. STOP THEIR WAGES< STOP THEIR PAY! WE ARE NOT GETTING WHAT WE VOTED FOR.

    If everyone in the country held back their taxes, the Government would not be able to act. IF we took all of the money out of our accounts, the banks would collapse. A parasite can only live as long as it has blood to feast on, BUT AMERICA AND BRITAIN HAVE BEEN ZOMBIEFIED .. as long as they have a computer game to play, tv shows to watch and mcdonalds, they don't seem to care about much else. They are afraid of change. They like their lifestyle. Imagine getting to heaven and being asked what you did with your life ... oh, well, I achieved the highest level on World of Warcraft,or I managed to watch 25 years of Coronation Street, or I made my company so profitable that its famous (although I neglected my family so much that I lost my wife and kids in the process), I watched the news and saw bad things happen but felt it was out of my power to do anything, I eventually died from over-eating and poisoning myself with fake food, animal fats, sugar and lack of exercise... !! Some special report that would be.

    I don't believe that people actually want to sit back and ignore what is going on. We need some good leaders to encourage us. People are shy, people have low self-esteem, people don't want to be mocked, people generally want to die quietly without making a fuss.... because they DON'T REALISE THEY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! There are more people killing themselves because of not coping with life, than actually taking their frustration out on what is really happening! Why are people depressed? Why are they overweight and ill? Why are they out of work? It has nothing to do with laziness or idleness, it has a whole lot to do with Governments not
    rallying and giving the right help and support where it is needed. Everyone needs to feel of worth and to be self-sufficient.

  6. I'm ranting .... apologies, I'm pretty mad! I'm witnessing the suffering, I have experienced much of it. It seems rather silly to die sad when we could do something about it, stop the governments wasting money they don't have, ... it was not us that over-spent, it was them, so they should pay out of their pockets, not us! 9/11 seems to have been a set up so that Iraq and Afghanistan could be attacked ... we did not need to be in these
    countries. It seems to me that there has been permanent warfare going on, why can't the americans and british just STOP. Just STOP. Have a break from
    war-mongering, have a break from threatening the world, have a break from pushing their weight around! The world does not HAVE TO OBEY AMERICA AND BRITAIN! Since when did they become God? The countries of the world will end up hating the arrogance of the USA and UK and who will blame them? They make out that the other countries are bad, yet they are all citizens
    like you and me. It's the leaders that are the trouble makers. If all the
    good people of the whole world got together and ousted out every dictatorship, we would get on fine! Make the stinking rich leaders live in the desolate plains of North Africa and see how they cope there, put the poor people in power. There IS ENOUGH LAND AND THERE IS ENOUGH FOOD! ITS ALL A CONSPIRACY SO THAT THE GREEDY 1% can own it all.

    ........ I'm sure many people have their own opinions, but as eyes are opened and experience gained and truths learned, opinion changes. I used to be naive, and had other influenced opinions but now I have a brain of my own, and I am glad if others have a mind of their own too even if that mind differs. Let's reason together to understand.

    1. WOW!

      The White Rabbit!

      See this:

    2. You make some excellent points, and I wish to commend you on waking up enough to understand you can and must do your own thinking. First off though, I wish to point out that the abusive relationship you experienced was with a psychopath. Please do go look this up and join a support group for persons who have gone through this; it's incredibly distressing (I know, I ended up homeless after my entanglement with a psychopath; no fun, at all).

      Secondly, I would wish to point out that you correctly identify those traits as now representing government(s). As to whether this was always the case, historians must tell. What is clear to all that understand the essence of psychopathy, is that the psychopaths are in charge, and this is now entirely unacceptable to all right thinking members of the HUMAN race on this planet: something must be done, and done fast, for a world war with so many nuclear arms around, is in no one's benefit. Whereas in past centuries, even a major conflagration could only effect a few hundred million humans, this time around, only a fool thinks major powers are going to start a major conflagration, without a nuclear threat at some point.

      We know Netanyahu is a psychopath (search for Shin Bet on this site); we also know BAIN is a UK FUNDED MAFIA outfit, funded now it seems clear, by MOSSAD agent Robert Maxwell. Again, we have the corporate registry proof on this site. Just search for BAIN MAXWELL, in fact:

      Things, are not looking pretty.

      As to your comments about with-holding money from government, I fear you still need work on your understanding of the current fiscal system; the money is truly valueless (only you still do not realise this).

      The moment the world awakens to the BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS as the BACK-STOPPER of GLOBAL FRAUD EMPIRE, via their bailing out of CENTRAL BANKS, then we may just see MAJOR CHANGE in an INSTANT.

      There are few conscious humans left that need to understand the moment you remove these clueless fuckwits backstop, they are only three trades away from bankruptcy.

      We don't even need to confiscate anything; they are all so clueless, they will lose it all, I promise you; all we need is an HONEST market returning, and the dishonest MAFIA TRADERS in the BANKS WORLDWIDE, will all soon be out on the street, exactly where they belong.

      Thank you for commenting. And one last time, so sorry you were unfortunate also enough, to end up believing the lies of a psychopath; Snakes In Suits is a book you might want to read, because of course, most psychopaths, are highly intelligent and end up especially welcome in banking, where their absence of conscience, their ability to commit mass murder, without even batting an eyelid, is well received.

      Finally however, the focus on banks, and bankers, is wrong; it needs to shift to where the real POWER is; REAL power doesn't care about the money (they control that already). They care about the CONTROL of that MONEY ISSUING POWER.

      If we did something even as simple as REMOVE LEGAL TENDER LAWS, the banksters, and their FAKE FIAT REALITIES, would fall in an instant.

      We have now launched another sister site to operation occupy the banks BTW; do please try to wrap your head around this:

      Don't think for a moment it isn't catching on:

  7. I'm going with my gut and love on this !


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