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"Sunday, May 20th, 2012 | Posted by Gordon Duff

Mr. President, We Have Had Enough


Time For You To Finally Listen

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Mr. President, here is my statement of purpose.

I am just a writer, not even by decent standards an “activist.” We supported you four years ago, my estimate producing about 50,000 votes. We are much more than ten times that now. Please ask someone, we, even I, control more votes than you can imagine, more than any newspaper in the United States.

As for some kind of report, please get yourself properly informed as to who your base is and what we expect. We are not the idiots we were, not so many of us. Treating us as such is an epic error.

This week, we watched the NDAA “Soviet America” bill overturned by a court, a bill you signed but said you did so only reluctantly. It was illegal when you signed it and continuing to do things like this, you and congress, is wearing thin. We are losing patience. We don’t even hate you. You made sure of that by cleverly manipulating the GOP into nominating the most hateful, criminal and abysmal candidate in its history.

A Mormon bishop whose religious beliefs are totally inconsistent with freedom, equality, peace and honesty, as president? What could any of them have been thinking?

Romney could actually be a member of the Bush family. Perhaps we should check on that. Running against a crook doesn’t make up for years of smooth talk, of phony “populism” and bowing to special interest. We are totally sick of it and now it is you and the incompetence of those around you that is destroying America and killing us.

Compared to our last president, you are almost, I say “almost” a joy to listen to. We certainly, as you are taking advantage of, and you should recognize that we are well aware of this, know you are a step above Mitt Romney who is one step out of prison and mad as a hatter. This is only more proof of how corrupt America has become and how useless and debased our political system is.

We all know it, the secret is out.

Don’t you know we are sick of your continual lying? I know you try, sometimes, to do the right thing but inaction, utter gutlessness, pandering to special interest has to come to an end. We are sick of hearing it from Bush and the gang of knuckle dragging right wing maniacs special interest has bought for us.

We are sick of seeing them walk free and expect arrests. Sign the order and open them for prosecution, stop the International Criminal Court from being the pack of biased thugs and liars they have become, racists and hacks. Show some backbone, try leadership, you have certainly tried everything else.

First thing is the war. You promised to get us out. This is four years and, ask around, I know very well what you face. Google popularity, Ron Paul would have been a tougher opponent than any of the Republicans. In fact, he may be the only person you can trust.

His ideas are sound, they are American, most anyway, and are the will of the people, were the people ever allowed to speak.

They are not, we are silenced, crushed, jailed, murdered, “pepper sprayed” and spied on. I am ashamed of living here and America cannot be replaced, certainly not by the phony socialism of Canada, our “joke” to the north. They are a caricature of everything we have become.

I clearly recognize the financial disaster the world is facing and the unwillingness of business in the US to stop stealing. Matt Taibbi wrote a very good piece on financial crime, too bad he gets so little else because he is a smart guy.

Let’s finish up with foreign policy. End Afghanistan, walk away. Show leadership, put a strong focus on bringing Egypt into line, ending the occupation and apartheid in Palestine, I ain’t gonna call it Israel anymore, it is far closer too close to hell for that.

Start recognizing you are surrounded by half baked advisors who are tied to special interest. Your set of morons aren’t much better than the last group.

Back to economics. You are going to end up giving Geithner a pardon, he will need it and he isn’t a stupid guy. He does get it but his methods are “band aid” only. We need a real attorney general and we need to clean out the banks entirely, jail thousands and live with the fallout. I don’t want to tax the rich, hell, technically I am one. I want to jail about 25% of them simply because they are thieves.

We need to jail a lot of people.

We have state governors who are crooks, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin minimally. They can and should be arrested, tried and convicted. If you don’t recognize the crimes, the public corruption, then hire an attorney general who does.

You have a CIA director, DOD Secretary and Chairman JCOS that are top rate. Congrats. Now listen to them. ... (continues) ..."


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