Monday, 14 May 2012


BREAKING:  It's #OccupyOfficial!!!

  1.                -----|
  2.            |  | Anon|
  3.          |-|-|------|
  4.            |        |
  5.            | {O}    |
  6.            '--|     |                           @AnonymousWiki
  7.              .|]_   |
  8.        _.-=.' |     |
  9.       |    |  |]_   |
  10.       |_.-='  |   __|__
  11.        _.-='  |\   /|\
  12.       |    |  |-'-'-'-'-.
  13.       |_.-='  '========='
  14.            `   |     |
  15.             `. |    / \
  16.               ||   /   \____.--=''''==--.._
  17.               ||_.'--=='    |__  __  __  _.'
  18.               ||  |    |    |\ ||  ||  || |                        ___
  19.  ____         ||__|____|____| \||__||__||_/    __________________/|   |
  20. |    |______  |===.---. .---.========''''=-._ |     |     |     / |   |
  21. |    ||     |\| |||   | |   |      '===' ||  \|_____|_____|____/__|___|
  22. |-.._||_____|_\___'---' '---'______....---===''======//=//////========|
  23. |--------------\------------------/-----------------//-//////---------/
  24. |               \                /                 // //////         /  #TheWikiBoat
  25. |                \______________/                 // //////         /
  26. |                                        _____===//=//////=========/___________________
  27. |==============================================================TWB/
  28. '------------------------------------------------------------------~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  29. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  30. ..............................................................................................................
  31. Greetings everyone,
  32. We, #TheWikiBoat would like to introduce this press release on our very first operation: Operation NewSon (OpNewSon). As previously stated, we have no motives other then doing it all for the lulz. However this operation will be slightly different and will somewhat change our already stated objective on doing it for the lulz. On the day of the operation, we plan to hit and attack several high corporate entities. Shortly after the start of the operation, we plan to release precious classified data on the already set out list of targets we do have. Those targets are none other then the ones who ultimately rule: the high revenue making companies of the world. While attacking the major companies of this planet may seem lulzy, we also wish that this operation make a difference. We are "sticking it to the man" so to speak. Our hopes are set out on this being a major operation because after all, we will be hitting major corporate/incorporate associations.
  33. This operation has three parts to it.
  34. 1. Spread the word of OpNewSon
  35. This part is already in effect. We just need everyone to spread the word that a major operation is coming up real soon. The goal is for this message to get at least 5,000 views. Please spread the word of this operation in any way you can. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Let the corporate entities know that we are coming.
  36. 2. The online protests
  37. This is where we need your help! Online protesting is simple and effective. All that's needed is enough people with the power to stand up to those who ultimately rule the world. We ask that you join us on the day of the 25th (May) in our IRC for further
  38. instructions on our planned protesting.
  39. ** IRC: **
  40. Until then, here's how you can ready up...We're going to be DDoS'ing the targets. DDoS takes a website offline for a certain amount of time depending on how many people are participating in the attack. These easy meaningful attacks are actually quite effective and have huge impacts. The tool we will be using is called LOIC.
  41. Donwload here:
  42. We'll explain how to use LOIC as well as which targets we'll be hitting on the 25th of May. More information and updates will also become available on
  43. Twitter: @AnonymousWiki @AnonymouSpoon @MehIzDanneh @TibitXimer @Anonymau
  44. 3. The attacks
  45. This phase will be the most powerful. By the time this phase is enitiated, all targets will have been downed (DDoS'd) for at least 2 hours. This phase is all about leaking highly classified data from the targets.
  47. Spread the word as much as possible as we plan to take on the great elite."

Published strictly as a public service announcement by ...

The White Rabbit! :~)

If you liked finding out about this, you'd love: - Historic! ;) - History in the Making!

PS  We hope there will be no mindless data leaking here; but with the Lulzly Crews of the Interwebz, one simply never knows!  Could be a time to CANCEL all your accounts with any CORRUPT MULTINATIONALS ... You know, before 25th, just in case! ;~) lol


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  1. YAWN! So attacking big companies has the affect of impacting all their customers too like me, you and all our friends.
    Not a very well thought out plan again.

    1. As so far no Anons have joined this debate; The White Rabbit turns devil ...

      And so ...

      If you grind a bunch of people into the ground, after you've dumbed them down with little to no (decent)formal education; after you've filled them full of excito-toxins and then told them they are 'mad' and forced them onto psychotropics whilst still a child to deal with the excito-toxins; after you fed them WAR computer games, War Movies, and War propaganda (disguised as news) all their childhood; after you fill their head with dreams (LIES) that their voice can or would be heard in a political process (owned by your employers it would seem) and that it's pointful, not pointless, to play that process; after you've dashed that hope, indeed *any* hope, but solely given them endless wars, and want more wars (that they will have to fight and pay for, AND DIE IN (not you fucker) and yet you continue to take the pay of their oppressor ...

      All this, plus of course, you're obviously too dumb to even start to understand even the basics of any of the problems with any of that because you're too fat, old and boring. You watch TV, drink loads of beer, and probably pick your nose; and frankly, it's clear; you simply don't give a fuck about anyone except yourself, and getting your banksters pay.

      Then I suppose, as they say, you should have EXPECTED to miss a weekend.

      After all, that's what, as a banksters minion, you take the pay for; to take it up the ass all hours, to keep THEIR system running (we might add as you obviously struggle), and to keep your Just Above Broke (and if you think you're not you really need our briefings more than we thought).

      To be clear. We hope you enjoy your sitting around on the banksters buck this weekend in peace.

      Frankly, the world is better off without your entirely non-constructive 'addition' to the debate. No ideas; no idea even that, or why, change is necessary. Go back to sleep. Your post exemplies the PROBLEM in the west; complacency.

      Meantime, the Chinese, and Occupy, marches on. ;)

      The White Rabbit! ...


    2. Yep.... where's the beer!?

  2. urgghhh...attention hoe is coming again. Oh, I can still access my facebook? oh damn it.

  3. Sad that this will impact me and all my coworkers who are going to now have to be on alert to work this instead of spending the long weekend with our families. I guess we're just collateral damage to "friendly fire". You are no different from THEM!

    1. It is for your families sake that they do this dumbfuck. Goodness. We knew a Google number one listing would bring in some really *dumb* newbs to the website, but fuck me, you're totally clueless aren't you? What a dumbfuck comment to make, and we might add, exactly like the first. You selfish bastard. You're totally clueless as to what's going on around you aren't you; pull your finger out of your ass, and try make an *effort* at least, to understand why HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people worldwide are saying "ENOUGH".

      Meantime, you want your 'family weekend', maybe actually oblivious to the fact that the world's dictator by declaration, now has you legally as well as morally and ethically enslaved. We're not even going to start with the intellectual enslavement that your comment displays (yet you do not obviously know it).

      We suggest you need to start RIGHT back at the beginning dumbfuck; try post 5 (out of like, 1600+). :(



    2. can you write engrish? I don't understand this

    3. Sorry, the above was written for intelligent people; obviously you're struggling then. Go ask your school-teacher to help you out. ;)

  4. Hey You bunch of scriptkids. Do you think you are doing a political act ? No one will be impressed by a copy of OpPayBack. All you achieve is that a lot of people will have to work over this weekend where they originally would have three days off. What you do here is turning a lot of possible supporters into people who start hating you. Rethink what you are doing. Neither the method nor the political impact is impressing...Stop that shit.

    1. A (much) more intelligent comment than most here. Thank you.

      We fear you are correct in a number of your assessments, but not all. The political impact is already huge; evidenced by the amount of traffic hitting this page. They get 10/10 for initial PR (impact rather than positive coverage, for which they've gotta be running at 3/10 max ATM ); as to what they choose to do with the audience they may have ... Whether to do something spectacularly lulzy, and for all rather than just some (at the expense of others), well, we will see.

      FWIW, I think your point should be taken on board by most Anons etc; that in syadmins, in theory, they should find an audience somewhat possibly more predisposed to favour some of their concerns. Unfortunately, apart from your one comment, it seems all that the comments here have inspired in The White Rabbit, is to be more rather than less in favour of their actions.

      Apart from your good-self, most IT-Security types here seem to be a bunch of winging losers (who cannot make their mind up even between whether these peeps form a threat or no).

      Quite laughable really (if it wasn't so deathly serious); they see nothing in enjoying their weekends with families, whilst so many, start to starve on the street. Too busy coding JP Morgan's food stamps systems, no doubt, to notice.

      The 99%; don't make me laugh; the main comments on this board make it absolutely plain, that the IT-Sec types don't GIVE A FUCK about anyone except themselves, ... and yet you think those you wish to send off to war, to keep your jobs, should sit down like good little children and TAKE IT UP THE ASS.

      Methinks The Wiki Boat may have gained many more supporters than before, people having read the comments from the selffish bastards who have posted thus far.

      Really, they're an embarrassment to humanity (emphasis on the human bit there, rather obviously sorely missing).

      The White Rabbit!

      #DareDevilRabbit (?)

  5. I notice you have McDonalds on your target list, I'm sure they are really scared as people don't buy burgers online.... What a complete bunch of fuckwits you are.

    1. To be clear; we are not the people in the embedded pastebin. We simply put it on the site a few weeks ago, and now lots of lots of really bad security types seems to be in a flying rage about the terrible costs they have to pay (actually, that would be their employer, but now I digress into the reasons which many commenting seems to be oblivious to as to why this does effect the companies concerned) ... 'Because a few kids might go on the rampage' (their words paraphrased).

      Really, it's all quite hilarious already from the end of The White Rabbit! Even if they don't do anything at all now, they've made you all look like a bunch of banksters' minions only concerned with yourselves, ever so successfully.

      Perhaps security types ought to think through their comments before posting; there again, obviously only caring about yourselves, you actually don't give a shit about how your industry is representing itself here ... And of course, far from it, you're all commenting ANONYMOUSLY, which for the Anon traffic onto this page, is no doubt a complete laugh!!

      The White Rabbit!

  6. F U C K you dumb a S S mother F U C K E R S! Thanks for making my memorial day a crappy day. You forget about the 99% who run these networks that have to put up with your stupid childish ddos that does nothing to major corporations. Whooppy you stole my coloring book for 2 hours. Idiots.

    1. What is it with these security types, they cannot even see the absence of logic between the two contradictory statements that this is all a big thing about nothing, and that you're all going to have your weekends ruined.

      You don't fool The White Rabbit!

      Another dumbshit comment from a guy who can't think his way out of a wet paper bag.

      Is there ANYONE working in IT worldwide with an intelligent comment to make, or are you all just a winging bunch of losers (like you like to make plain in this discussion).

      I want my PAY
      I want my HOLIDAYS

      Now, whom usually utters such statements ...

      Oh, that's right, those that play with colouring books. LOL


  7. This is you this is....

    1. Another highly intelligent (not) comment from another IT security child? We think so.

      Another day, another EPIC FAIL! #Lulz

      The White Rabbit!

    2. Why do you presume the comments are from IT security people?
      Seems like you find all this a challenge to your intelligence, but all you offer is empty diatribe without any useful actions to back it up. Resistance isn't the way, manipulation is, but you haven't the brains to work out how to do it. HAHAHA!!

      The White Rarebit!


    3. "Why do you presume the comments are from IT security people? "

      Erm, maybe that would be because they talk about cancelling the weekend off to look after the computer networks at home.

      And maybe, you need to learn to read.

  8. Wow, white rabbit must be getting under someones skin to have all these fake accounts commenting on here. Keep up the work guys. We have a fight against evil and apathy to win!

  9. Believe us, that does seem to be the case, bigtime. We are getting downed regularly now over the weekends (DDoD on the namservers 11-15th just confirmed via registrar announcement) and have now more resilience built in at that level).

    Occupy Sydney (Australia), Occupy Auckland (New Zealand), and the West Coast of America, all the way through Europe; helpers downed at the ISP level, this website groaning under the weight of inbound (which even Google cloud cannot handle). Really, we don't think there are many organisations capable of taking down Google infrastructure (that's why we chose to run with this site here!). Some of the wise may draw their own conclusions; BANKSTERS MINIONS!

    The dark players, play darkly. The smart understand who and where the light is, and always move towards it.

    Meantime it seems like the Anon Bots of the Pentagon Crooks, are indeed starting to work overtime on this blog! Either that or there's an awfully large amount of IT people who really need to spend less time coding, and more time reading the REAL news. :(

    I find it so sad if any of these comments are from real peeps (and we guess at least some are), that 100% of IT workers thus far, seem completely clueless as to the social environment their networks now reside amongst. No wonder e.g. the MOD has announced it cannot keep the UK Networks secure: with 'Security Professionals' this uncommitted, we're all really, really in trouble.

    No wonder the Chinese seek to be able to walk into and back out of 'secure' networks. It seems these IT peeps are very busy all week ... planning their weekends!! LOL

    Only a few hours to go; we shall (all) see!

    The White Rabbit!

  10. You guys are like the monkeys in the zoo. You sling your crap on random passers by. In the end you've made a big, smelly mess and caused extra work for the zookeepers, but you're still stuck in the same hole you'll be in tomorrow.

    Think you can ping flood your way to freedom? Think again. Oh wait - just think, period. More sh!t flinging awaits you tomorrow.

    Commence your preadolescent flame storm any time. Rattle the cage monkey boys! Maybe someone will throw you a banana...

  11. Another threat goes by without any real substance. Well done, you must be very proud.

    The White Rarebit!


    1. Another ignorant comment, from someone who can write but obviously not read.

      This website has nothing to do with the originator of the above. As has been made clear, numerous times.

  12. Whilst you play with the kids; and take them to church; we stayed awake, aware, working towards keeping your kids safer, so you could enjoy your weekends.

    We hope you enjoy Op #OTB tech peeps. Really, this site is for you peeps anyways (and we could do with some help): c

    No more time to comment on this thread I'm afraid.

  13. It is kind of obvious that the people that have complained about your actions are fired up not because

    I was impressed that a high up Policeman from th UK spoke up, I am proud of those that are standing up against GM stuff.

    I am shocked what I have found out about pharmaceutical companies, and about the richest people upon the planet basically stealing from us all. We are expected to except redundancy or lower pay, reduced pensions etc, while the fattest cats have no reduction ... they exact from everyone without compromise. The banks get the bails out, while people are made homeless and left without shelter for their families, robbed of wages
    because the fat cats want to wage war upon the planet and use OUR taxes to fund the killings.

    These fat cats want to de-populate the planet. I read the UN report about future populations. All these mad scientists and fat cats at the top need to be stopped.

    Governments are liars. They pretend to care.

    Perhaps you should DOWN ALL THE TVS UPON THE PLANET and put a message across making people wake up. People are dumbed down.

    Vaccinations are being used as warfare as far as I am concerned. I was blinded but now I see.

    People, you may think this white rabbit stuff is rubbish, and he may swear, but he has got it, he is speaking for the people that are suffering. To miss one weekend with your families is kind of not they are trying to inflict, people need to be made aware of what is actually happening in the world.

    Everyone is so wrapped up in their work, in living busy lives, they are unaware of the wolf creeping up on them as he is in sheeps clothing and smiles so nicely.

    I am a 42 yr old mother that has a degree, I have researched the claims being made, and these testimonies are from many many people. There is
    corruption everywhere.

    Doctors are speaking out about the vaccinations as unfit
    Police are speaking out about corruption in power
    People on medication do not get well
    GM food causes cancer ... the government endorses GM
    Synthetic medicine does not heal ... the government endorses them
    Natural food and natural herbs are mocked by government even though natural never killed anyone, but synthetic meds kill many people
    People that try to share cures are put in prison
    People that are trying to spread truth get sacked, slandered, put in jail,
    People that don't want wars have no say in where their taxes go
    Governments are not watching out for their people, they are doing whatever
    they are bribed to do.
    Even senators are trying to speak out, but they no longer have power to
    speak out as all rules/bills are being made without consensus from the

    The water we drink has toxic waste flouride in it from production of petroleum, the flouride in toothpaste and water dumb down your brain and make you ill

    The mercury in your fillings slowly poisons you

    The planes flying overhead crisscrossing the skies are spraying us with chemicals, whether to create cloud cover or to make us sick, it has the same effect, we are breathing in poison and respiratory problems are arising.

    The GM foods are the cause of food allergies
    Vaccinations have egg in them, also calf liver, aborted fetuses cells, dog liver, ..... vaccinations have not made people better, it has made them hyper allergic, and caused autism, and death, and in foreign countries things such as AIDS did not exist before the first vaccinations in Africa.

    There is an elete group of the rich that have decided our fates. They do not want the world to be 'overpopulated' they are forecast how many people would be upon the planet by 2300 and they have decided to act on behalf of the future generations by killing people off now. Insane assumptions? Check it all out. Read for yourself about vaccinations, wars, pharmaceutical companies, GM products, Chemtrails, Flouride, .... read about it.

    1. Thank you.

      Excellent comment. By someone that doesn't obviously spend their weekends, drinking beer, watching sport.

      If only the IT crowd ... oh ... one day (soon by the looks of the way the most popular posts are being ordered by society).

  14. It is incredible what you are doing.We live under illusion, perhaps movie "Matrix" isn't so fictional at all.Those people "above" does not have any morals or human values, they can kill 100,000 people with one signature and doesn't give a fuck about it.In this system i see myself as part of cattle, caged and fed with shit to serve only 1 purpose - slavery.Mainstream media pumps propoganda into our minds, i can't even believe that most of the world takes for granted shit they write about Syria and Iran.This slavery and violence based monetary system has to go, humanity is better then this.And for all the fuckheads which are scared about they precious system collapse here's some wise words :
    "And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." JFK

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