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#ROYALSOCIETY Scientific Dishonesty #OWS #OTB

It's rare the Rabbit gets beaten to a GREAT IDEA, but in this case, this presentation having been given in 2007 at the Royal Society (United Kingdom), we've got to admit we missed this GREAT IDEA entirely, until just a few moments ago. But as we all (or all should) now understand JUST HOW DISHONESTY IN SCIENCE has led to MASSIVE MAL-INVESTMENT of TRILLIONS of public money, and continues to do so, to this day, we commend MOST HIGHLY Dr. Christopher Busby's solution to this CRISIS IN SCIENCE WORLDWIDE; his solution to the faking and the completely MAKING UP of SCIENCE and then presenting it as FACT; to obtaining pecuniary advantage BY DECEPTION, which we do note is ALREADY A CRIME in the UNITED KINGDOM!  Hint; we guess very similiar crimes exist all over the common law countries! ;)

"Uploaded by radioactivebsr on 7 Jan 2012

Following up his 2007 book "Wolves of Water" Chris Busby calls for the development in Society of legal mechanisms to investigate issues of scientific dishonesty like those in Denmark. Such issues, he argues, can be seen in the same category as perjury in criminal court cases for which serious sanctions exist. The essay has been published in Iraq-Silent Death edited by Chris Scherrer (University Sains Malaysia 2011) and is also to be found, (together with several examples of possible scientific dishonesty) presented on the website of the Low Level Radiation Campaign www.llrc.org The matter is one of democracy and goes to the core of expert evidence on Policy to governments. It is argued that scientists (like those who talk down the Fukushima catastrophe) or those like Prof Wade Allison who advise people to move into radioactive areas because doses of up to 100mSv a month are harmless, should be investigated in a court or law and if found guilty of knowingly giving bad advice (rather than being stupid or careless) suffer penalties."

Told you it was a good idea.  Bet you're already thinking the Rabbit on this one is WRONG though right; because it's a FREAKING *FANTASTIC IDEA*!  I can think of at least one CLIMATE SCIENTIST in the UK, who could be CHARGED RIGHT NOW, with obtaining pecunairy advantage by DECEPTION.  Bet you can come up with some your place, too?!  So why not; let's GET THESE LYING SCUMBAGS IN JAIL TODAY!

Britons (o fleeced ones!) ... your local magistrate's court is only a few miles away at most; you can lay an ORAL INFORMATION today!! ;)  Simply turn up, ask to be given a slot in the local court ASAP, wait around until they can slot you in, and then go in, and lay out the facts orally (on oath mind, so do get them 100% right).  Though we've not checked this out, you may well find that the Court has NO DISCRETION in the matter if you have correctly disclosed a criminal offence in your on oath testimony of the crime.

Of course, if the Crown Prosecution Service doesn't take over the case, you'll have to prosecute it yourself.  But hey, Occupiers; when they're ROBBING YOUR UNBORN to pay for their FANTASY 'SCIENCE', and that local court is, well, local; it might be a fun way to spend the summer, and by Autumn, we might even have BENT SCIENTISTS WITH PROVABLE TRACK RECORDS OF DELETING INCONVENIENT DATA, right where they belong; not at Rothschild's Garden Party but IN JAIL FOR LIFE!

These are some of the BIGGEST CRIMINAL DECEPTIONS AROUND ... You gonna just sit there and TAKE IT UP THE ASS FOREVER?  Or are you going to get yourself an education on the issues (which is more than some of these 'scientists' seem to have before TAKING THE MILLIONS AND BILLIONS FROM YOU, YOUR KIDS, and their UNBORN ... all to make a nice, neat, TIDY FEW TRILLIONS, for the REAL CRIMINALS; the BANKSTERS seeking to SECRETLY CONTROL SOCIEITIES.  

The White Rabbit thinks the CROOKED SCIENTISTS deserves MIGHTILY LONG JAIL SENTENCES; almost as long as the LIFE SENTENCE, the BANKSTERS deserve.  

What about you?  Why don't you leave us your thoughts via a comment; let's see what we all think about the idea of JAILING CROOKED SCIENTISTS.  It's an idea, in The White Rabbit's mind, WHOSE TIME HAS COME!


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