Monday, 28 May 2012


We've been meaning to track down a GREAT documentary on Putin; no time for that now, for RUSSIA HAS STEPPED UP TO TAKE THE INTERNET OUT OF AMERICAN CONTROL!!!!!!! Anons worldwide rejoice; our innovative business plans BACK ON, our innovative social plans BACK ON, our FUTURES; BACK ON!!!  

We ask ALL occupiers WORLDWIDE to SUPPORT this move to wrest CONTROL of the internet's INFRASTRUCTURE off the AMERICAN NAZIS who have proven TIME AND TIME AGAIN they are NOT looking after the internet in EVERYONE's interest; and let us once again HAVE OUR WEBSITES AVAILABLE.  

We're publishing details of our OWN attack by whom we suspect is the ROGUE AGENCY named by Lord Blackheath in the House of Lords (they also took down at the same time, along with occupy websites worldwide) very next post; check back ASAP!!!  What BRILLIANT NEWS THIS IS FOR EUROPE (at least ANYTHING is better than US control ATM!).  What Rogue Agency of the DHS???  You need:

"Russia backed by China and India is pushing through a takeover of the internet by a UN supranational agency to make the web truly universal. The aim of the plan is to standardize the behavior of countries concerning information and cyberspace.

Leading emerging economies supported by other United Nations members initiated the discussion around handing over internet regulation to a UN agency. At present it is controlled by private shareholders.

BRICS countries China, Brazil, India and Russia share the belief that the Geneva-based UN agency the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) would do a better job if put in charge of international cyber security, data privacy, technical standards and the global web address system.

‘Hands off our web’

This week the US House of Representatives prepares to vote on the proposal and the expectations are, there will be no great uphill struggle.Washington opposed UN regulation of the internet just weeks after the “international code of conduct for information security” was submitted to the General Assembly




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