Thursday, 3 May 2012


One of our most important posts, ever; do read the whole page, then commence Tweeting it into YOUR LOCAL AIRLINES ... Where ever you are in the world.  We need to ensure there is NOT ONE Airline unaware of this request.  As commercial businesses, of course, it is their LEGAL RIGHT to REFUSE TO FLY any one individual.  Time AIRLINES; to DECIDE!

It's time you met the next President.  You will be voting for him.  There is no one else.  Get over what ever problem you have from this man.  Now.  Get on the right side of the Consttution, get on the right side of history.  Decide to to that, in just 45 minutes.


We've been divining your voting necessities; Pen, words with paper written on "Ron Paul".  It's that easy folks; that, and DEMANDING PAPER BALLOTS AND PUBLIC COUNTS ALL THE WAY UP TO THE WHITE HOUSE (along with perhaps a new Secret Service?) {continues)  

After all, as we're all increasingly realising, they've been in the Cabal since the time of the MURDER BY ASSASSINATION of the PRESIDENT they were charged with KEEPING SAFE, the very President that WARNED US ALL ABOUT SECRET SOCIETIES AND UNWARRANTED INTERFERENCE IN THE CORRIDORS OF POWER

The CURRENCY IS FUCKED (completely FAKE (and that is ALSO their CONSTITUTIONAL ROLE: to PROTECT THE CURENCY FROM FAKES - HAH! - go look it UP!)); the PRESIDENT no one is even sure IS REALLY THE FREAKING PRESIDENT ...  0/10 Secret Service; U b Cabal OWNED; just like the rest of us.  Reminder:  We're looking for 10,000 ARRESTS Secret Service.  Two choices really isn't there; arrest, or be arrested. Enforce the law; or have the law enforce on you.  You have COMPLETELY FAILED AMERICA, AMERICANS and THE FREE WORLD!  It's time to redeem yourselves.  Or face the consequences of the operation of law; inside YOUR VEINS, as you die the death you deserve, for allowing the world's only superpower to fall, and remain fallen, to the CABAL; to the ROGUE AGENCY NAMED BY LORD BLACKHEATH in the HOUSE OF LORDS.

You will not have to get too far from your office in Washington to start to make the arrests, we are sure you must have worked out by now.  But just in case the CRIMINAL SCUM start to flee American justice, we will shortly be publishing a post COMMENCING THE REQUESTS TO STOP THE CABAL FROM FLYING OUT OF AMERICA.  You're not going to want to miss that post, that's for sure; and neither will any airline on the planet.  Not if they want to be in business next week that is; airlines need passengers to fly commercially. ;)  Just a note on this last point; if you've been complicit in CHEMTRAILS; you're going to  DIE IN JAIL.  That's one thing we feel pretty confident about; did you really think we'd let you get away with it?

We wish to make it entirely clear; this is a CIVIL CIVILIAN REQUEST from OccupyOfficial - merely The White Rabbit, who has NOT consulted with any other party worldwide before making this statement.  ...  We have no doubt however, that BILLIONS of people, will head this request to cease flying on YOUR airline, if YOUR COMPANY CHOOSES to DESTROY ITSELF by backing  the BANKSTERS, over freeing humanity once and for all from this SCOURGE OF CENTURIES.  It's TIme - Let's Roll! ;~)

The White Rabbit!


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