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And so with the words below, and now 100,000+ page views per MONTH, not just one gets GODZILLA, we grow in numbers each and every day.  And now the censorship of the marketing of the ideas presented by The White Rabbit, we unhappily report, are subject to censorship (inability to retweet The White Rabbit's most important tweets (The White Rabbit was censored out of the #OTB timeline on Twitter well over a MONTH ago now ... ) from all around the world.  Literally from SYDNEY AUSTRALIA, all the way around via Europe & Hawaii (in both directions) to the West Coast of America ... 

In fact, where's a FULL list of the ENTIRE COUNCIL ... ALL their NAMES @NovakaynPeace @occupySYDNEY DOXED as SCUMBAGS for PLANET EARTH!
Operation Occupy The Banks is an idea (and some free software!) that the BANKSTERS are busy BUYING UP certain organisations, to ensure CANNOT SUCCEED.  Now if you're going to be a SLAVE the rest of your life, and you're going to be LAZY, and UNCOURAGEOUS, you can sit there COMPLAINING like SO many choose to DO (which is to do NOTHING ... actually ... ).  Or you can shake your ass into EXPLODING this website from 100,000 page views a month to OVER 3,000,000 IN THE NEXT THREE MONTHS.  You see, with the censorship now coming down on our REGULAR social promotion volunteer INFO WAR HEROES (now under direct attack and monitoring in numerous jurisdictions we're sorry to say we think), it's going to be increasingly down to NEWER and NEWER visitors, to IMMEDIATELY pick up the gauntlet and hammer out our tweets using the tweet button (or next weekend; our first infowarrior SPECIAL coming up; how to Tweet like the real pro's and EXPLODE your idea across the web like Op #OTB!)!  Anyway, so much for Rabbit about troubles of The White Rabbit; onto the FUN SOLUTIONS FOR FREE FOOD, FRIENDSHIP, LOVE, PEACE, POSITIVE ENERGIES and good old SOUL that comes from COMMUNITY ACTION.  GETTING OFF YOUR ASS and ACTUALLY SOLVING A PROBLEM *TODAY*. ;)

Shame this guy hasn't heard of Operation Blackheath yet if he thinks the bailout (on the record) was expensive (he obviously doesn't know anything about the illuminati telephone system for insider trading, nor the outright fake creation of 15 TRILLION DOLLARS laundered via Pureheart involving the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, HSBC, JP Morgan, The Fed, HM Treasury, and at least TWENTY EUROPEAN BANKS ... Never mind the subsequent THEFT of the fraudulently created MONEY!!!  These BANKSTERS; you just couldn't make it up funnier!!  Not content to rob you and everyone else around them, but also busy now STEALING FRAUDULENTLY CREATED MONEY from EACH OTHER!!!!  What a LAUGH!  And how easy to JAIL THEM for this CRIME!

Stupid people all over the west still think this is some sort of joke of disinformation ... Even though the Iranians have worked out it's all true, and published on it LAST WEEK!!!  Still NOTHING in the SLAVE PRESS (western MSM).  Oh well, seems like Drake might have some MSM figures for FEMA CAMPS!  We'd fully support that at this stage; MSM; you're SCUM for not informing your audiences of the true facts of what has been happening, and for you COWARDICE in not calling for 10,000 ARRESTS to FREE HUMANITY FROM THE SCOURGE OF THE BANKSTERS and their FAKE FIAT FRAUD SYSTEM (all documented and provably so!) ... once and for all!

The White Rabbit!

"Published on 25 Apr 2012 by Occupythefarmtract

A poem, invocation, and blessing of the land we farm.

Shot by Nick Xavier [ ]

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