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Occupy Protests

"DM @occupyofficial

Do you need a direct slap in the face or what. How can some of you call yourselves activist when you never bother to read whats going on anymore? Too much crap out there to sort though? Too many causes to keep up with? Too many new laws coming up you don't know which way to go? So what are most of you doing? Forming groups, cliques, intrigues, Imaginary spies and general paranoia which seems to reign around here. If you can't figure out what to focus on first you may want to try the fucking enemy. Did you forget who that was? Remember this then. FOLLOW THE FUCKING MONEY right to the Elite and the Banksters! Do that and I guarantee you won't get lost again. If that's NOT what you want to do, the take the OWS, ANON or REVOLUTIONARY out of your Names an BIO's as a favor to the rest of us.

There are too many exclusive cliques forming:

This smacks of the elitism we are all fighting against. So why is it happening?

There are wanna be's who only what to chatter:

Sure they talk about whats going on, but what is that doing for the revolution? It's a circle jerk and goes nowhere and informs no one. Sure I tweet news, but I also tweet it to the White house, Barack Obama Carl Levin Sander Levin and e-mail them too. Also my Governor and state reps. I don't recommend it for anyone else. It also doesn't make me any better than you or anyone. All I'm saying is SHARE IT!

There are too many Anon wanna be's feuds and Anon wanna be' GANGSTAS!

I saw a group gang up on a 17 year old and terrify the shit out of her. WTF is that about I wanna know? I see it again and I will call you out. I know no real Anon would do this to a defenseless child.

There are too many character assignations going on around here.

I have seen all out attacks on people via there followers The goal seems to be to get as many as they can to unfollow a person. What gives anyone the right. Got a feud with the person Block 'em and forget them. MOVE ON PLEASE!
If you have a bone to pick with someone, resolve it. If you can't agree then don't follow each other? And then leave it at that. Don't start an all out campaign against someone. What does that make you?

Don't like what I'm saying? I'm not omitting myself. Crap I started out a Liberal troll. Lasted for a month until I saw the real problem. Then I was in. I'm still in and for the long haul. And I'll tell you now, my goal is not to abuse you. I want everyone to come together again. We have an enemy clearly trying to divide us as free human beings. They are throwing everything they can think of to get us to riot, divide or blow up. COME BACK TO US WE NEED YOU!

If that is not what you want to do then all I can say is I tried. And I won't give up on this issue. Call me what you will, it won't have an impact. If you want to be a hater, bravely put that in you Bio's so we know who you are and to avoid you. The rest of us freedom fighters don't need you. We true revolutionary's want to be inclusive, we are ready for the fight, we believe in solidarity, and we don't think were better than anyone else.

I love each and every one of the people I follow and those who follow me.. Look them over, they are not all the same. I'm a Christian, liberal, who is writing in Ron Paul If he doesn't win the nomination. My followers and the people I follow are Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, Libertines, Anarchist's, Atheists, Anonymous (The True) OWS, young, old and in between, way smarter than me to newbies. All colors and flavors. What can I say, I'm from Detroit I love the melting pot!

What do I love about them most of all? That these true revolutionaries can put all differences aside and fight together. They are wonderful and a joyful inspiration to me everyday. I didn't learn without them, not one of you got this far one you own! Maybe some of you have lost your inspiration. I'm trying to get you to find it again. Set aside the petty and rejoin us in #solidarity COME BACK INTO THE LIGHT. The enemy is biding it's time waiting for us to do what has always been done. IMPLODE. DON"T GIVE IN TO THEIR DREAM!

Lets go do what we came together for, quash the Banksters and fix the world. Sound like a plan?

Nuff said by @moecephus

Other people have the same feeling and will add their comments to this. They can sign or remain anonymous. their choice, it's a free country right?


Dear Citizens of The World,

It has come to our attention that the #MSM and their blind followers still do not understand why people are occupying. It seems they think that the entire occupy movement is only about anti-corporations and violence. While the message behind occupy is about love and helping your neighbors, the #MSM is corroding that message by displaying the few people causing trouble under the occupy banner. It is time to change that.

We have grouped our thoughts and came up with this simple yet elegant plan. It is time for every single person who has ever been involved with occupy, every person that has been moved by it, and every person that agrees with the ideas behind it to let your stories be heard.

We encourage you to put your stories into media. Make a video on youtube about why you occupy, write a short story on pastebin, or make a post on twitter. Just find a way to share a story about why you occupy. Write about or a share a video of an act of kindness, write about the police officers involved that have stuck to the pledge they made to protect the citizens of their cities, Share a picture of something beautiful from your experiences ocuppying.

This idea is only as strong as the people behind it. As more and more people contribute the picture will become more clear to the public that this movement is about making the world a better place for all 100% of its people.

This tweet and the contents came to me this morning as I was still trying to unite people under the banner of#OpStopTheBullshit via masterofmanythings and anneruok. I started to see what @moecephus was talking about and in conjunction with the War on Women article the divisions struck me like a brick wall. We ALL must put aside all and any petty differences and unite as human beings under the banner of FREEDOM. Not for us , but for our kids, and their kids. The American Dream is NOT 1.2 kids, a new car, and a house in suburbia! Wake the fuck up Sheeple! The American Dream is to make the world a better place for the next generation. To ensure they will do better than you in all regards. We must not fall to divisions within. We must ALL unite as the 99% and we must do it now, in the name of FREEDOM! The people united are unstoppable!

By @grateful4dead - Dave


Mocephus' conclusion;

OWS did not pick the the place, the name to go after the CIA. They chose them to stand together against the money,tyranny the Elite and the disparity of the 99% compared to the 1 %. Together with Anonymous they began the most powerful protest movement this country has ever seen. We need to get back to our root cause, we need new people stepping up to the plate, we need to work together like not other time in history. We need to be the United 99%. Divided by nothing. Because we can win if we pull together. We have come down a long dark road together. Each of us have learned things about our Country we could barely imagine. Some were sickened, many shocked, Some prefered to pusue other things. some negated all he evidence and shut down, and many are oblivious and its all to be expected. We have differences and different reactions to the pressure of what we know in our hearts MUST be done We sometimes want to stick our heads back in the sand and pretend we never read, saw or heard the things we have. I feel you all on that one, same here. The time for that is over. We all know we cannot got back. We need to dust ourselves off, help each other up and those of us that can go on must start the work to unite and fight (peacefuly) and back up the people out there putting their asses on the line for us. After all we are Americans, we can do anything.

The following are four items I have chosen to link How we got here what is happening now. How we are going to be able to get our country back. Who is going to be on our side.
Please watch, listen and read. your going to be glad you did

#1 is JFK's secret society's speech. even if you have heard it before I ask you please listen again.

#2 is how JFK fucked the Elite from the grave! Yes you heard me right. Please note this soldier is not yet aware of the information of great hope in the third item.

#3 is David Wilcock's interview with Drake on how the Pentagon assisted (actually brought about) the plan to free the Pentagon and the States from the Corporation of the United States of America. A truck load of serendipity was going on in this story. I can feel it crackling in the air.

#4 is a history of exactly how and why we got to this moment.
It is clear that the solder in #2 has no idea what the Pentagon Is up to and vice-versa. But looking at the time line this could already be rectified. When I put these together I really got excited. Snoopy dance excited!
We wanted you to know this information so that for once, We are armed with the knowledge of exactly what we are up against. And know (for some of us) for the first time, the rules we are going to battle with. Knowledge is power!
We also must make the attempt to get on the same page. And to do what needs be done first. Because if we don't stick togther and take care of this first part, The ridding our world of the Banksters and taking control of your Country from our so call leaders. If we don't we will never be able to take care of the rest.
We are never going to have this chance again and we need to get it right. And that mean getting off the couch together and taking a stand the enemy will never forget. United we can do it and these 4 Items I believe prove it. I for one am thrilled to be alive at this time in what will turn out to be the most remembered time in our history, I a glad also of the people I have hooked up with. And my last words for this post are; I have a powerful good feeling about this.

Denise aka moecephus "

Source:  @moecephus

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  1. #OpStopTheBullshit tweet it EXPECT IT!

  2. I wrote the anonymoue part of the article and would not mind at all if you used my name. This had to be said...Now let's roll! Thanks - @grateful4dead - Dave

    1. OK Dave, big thanks for stepping up to the plate to get publicly involved! HERO! :~) U get #Carrots :) lol

    2. please change the third link on the bottom to this one as it no longer exists to Its the Drake Wilcox interview. Check yours too in the Drake line up as I believe that is where i got the first one! Miss you W.R. @moecephus


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