Friday, 25 May 2012


Ray Lewis, still going strong ... nice to catch up with one of the few police officers in America that has what is an essential quality that obviously every other police officer in America doesn't have:  Courage.  It's horrific that he's had to learn from the inside, just what a corrupt bunch of bribe taking SCUM the NYPD have turned into; dumbed down; militarised up; and let loose on DESTROYING your rights, whilst more of brainwashed America is unfortunately still buying in to the propaganda that Occupy is 'All Communists" (my, that really does make The White Rabbit LAUGH when we here that these days).  It's also an instant test of drone-hood; because anyone that thinks that is obviously only taking in USA MSM ... I mean, it's not as if the truth isn't out there on youtube, right, for anyone that WANTS to understand the destruction of civilisation all around them.  Bilderberg; CFR; Neo-CON-NAZIS.  If you're too busy to search youtube, well, that's of course why this website exists; to bring you the best of Occupy from around the globe, and the most significant events that are NOT being covered globally, in finance, banking, economics, and of course, crypto and cryptocurrencies!

You did notice the LEGAL CASE TO END BANKSTERS is now coming onto this site?  Tagging those posts in a moment, so look for a new link up top or down the left in an hour or two likely called something like ... THE BIG CASE.  Rothschild; Rockefeller; Morgan go "BYE BYE"! ;) 

Heh ... full pleadings in the constitutional court case online TODAY for sure ... we got a bit distracted yesterday by the TONNES of TRAFFIC hammering this page (listed number one on Google, and likely bringing every intel and State Security IT bod planet-wide to it!) ... Oh dear, we fear a panic inducing weekend may be ahead not just for Anons and law enforcement, but also for ...

The White Rabbit!

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