Monday, 28 May 2012


Glad to see at least ONE person in the UK gets what's going on .... As they say you can fool most of the people, most of the time ... hehe ...  Of course, EVERYONE KNOWS (including this judge) that Tony Blair is a War Criminal ... What a pathetic sight; the WAR CRIMINAL loose, and the WAR CRIMINAL PROTESTER locked up.  Justice (meeted out right in front of a 'judge'); Britain, certainly no longer Great now in the eyes of ever so many after these illegal wars.  Amazing that it does seem like at least one Brit (and that wouldn't be Blair or Leevson) is interested, like The White Rabbit ... in the RESTORATION OF THE RULE OF LAW ACROSS THE WEST.  JP Morgan; Tony Blair (and many others ----->>>>>>> JAIL!!!).  


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  1. All good and I'm sure Blair is bathing in mountains of blood money. However, I've been searching for a good substantial article that corroborates all these allegations. Not everyone knows that he's a war criminal - you may think, you may presume, but shouting about it doesn't make it true, even if it is. If you're going to have an effective protest, you need to provide the information to people so they can then read it and see what kind of war criminal Blair is. Where is the information?

  2. Hiya. First off, The White Rabbit is not looking to protest Tony Blair, we seek to have him arrested, tried, and jailed or executed for his war crimes (along with a few other choice psychopaths).

    Second, for the law, you need to go read something like: though obviously a book on public international law, and international criminal law, is where you would find the real answers.

    Better perhaps than the first link might however be:

    Which specific charges; we would say at least:

    For the evidence, try the Downing Street Memo. ;)

    Crossing with much of this would be the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court; only to be accessed should domestic procedures have been exhausted or unfairly denied.

    It would seem Britain's Crown Prosecution Service, are unfairly denying half the planet a trial on such charges, and indeed, the fact that occupiers had to try Tony Blair (in absentia) recently (though many lawyers participated) backs up this view, that even for Britons, there is no justice, in Britain; War Criminals are allowed to roam loose, even in front of judges, as like today.

    How utterly embarrassing for a Nation that used to pride itself on it's justice system (now of course, it's to be in secret, in civil and criminal cases; check out Bilbderberg UK Head Clarke's SECRET JUSTICE plans ... right up the totalitarians street;)). He should be ashamed of himself, but as a Bilderberger, is no doubt proud of his destruction of British constitutional rights to due process, fair trials, PUBLIC justice.

    Not any more; the Eton boys don't want you to know about their CORRUPT it would seem. No no, not at all; for that implicates HM Treasury, BoE, HSBC, JP Morgan, twenty European banks (laundering and TAX EVASION); then of course, there is the ORIGINATOR of this FRAUDULENTLY CREATED MONEY (a crime under US laws we believe) ... And for that well now, you'd be looking at The Federal Reserve (which is neither), and Greenspan and Geithner, personally.... plus of course, the ROGUE AGENCY named by Lord Blackheath; part of the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY. And a CRIME ORGANISATION WHICH HAS BLACKMAILED EUROPEAN GOVERNMENTS.

    It ain't pretty (at all), but it's all true.

    The White Rabbit! :)

    You won't find any of the above facts anywhere except a few choice places; this website, being one. Keep in touch with it as we move ever closer to JAILING those responsible:

    Of course, we should not forget the impressive events in Malaysia, either; convictions of a number of war criminals there recently, too (in both cases findings of GUILTY were made again Tony Blair).


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