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"Justice requires action to stop subjugation of Palestinians – by Desmond Tutu
Posted on May 4, 2012

By Desmond Tutu,

special to the Tampa Timesa
via email.

A quarter-century ago I barnstormed around the United States encouraging Americans, particularly students, to press for divestment from South Africa. Today, regrettably, the time has come for similar action to force an end to Israel’s long-standing occupation of Palestinian territory and refusal to extend equal rights to Palestinian citizens who suffer from some 35 discriminatory laws.

I have reached this conclusion slowly and painfully. I am aware that many of our Jewish brothers and sisters who were so instrumental in the fight against South African apartheid are not yet ready to reckon with the apartheid nature of Israel and its current government. And I am enormously concerned that raising this issue will cause heartache to some in the Jewish community with whom I have worked closely and successfully for decades. But I cannot ignore the Palestinian suffering I have witnessed, nor the voices of those courageous Jews troubled by Israel’s discriminatory course.


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  1. I don't know how I managed not to find your blog before now, but I'm so glad I did! Following you :)

    1. Thanks so much for you kind compliment.

      We have only been publishing less than a year, and are not to all tastes as we attempt to synergise not just geopolitics & international finance, but also exopolitics.

      As they say, it's not about the lights in the sky, but the lies on the ground.

      Over the course of the time we've managed to lead the charge on the Vatican, US Treasury, HM Treasury, Federal Reserve, Bank of England, JP Morgan, HSBC and RBS (all just in Operation Blackheath #OpBLACKHEATH), bringing the evidence of the 15 trillion fraudulently freated, fraudulently traded, Bush Senior Dark Cabal moves to much greater light. And Dark, hates light! ;~)

      Those that do not understand the relationship between these subjects are doomed to not just a life lived in a make believe world (under voluntary or involuntary mind control), but also to continue to be the problem for everyone else! Every else that is, who is seeking to bring the planet earth to a higher state of consciousness on these subjects, so that we drop the war and starvation, and start the *real* education and acceptance of who we are and how we fit into the multiverse(s?) ...

      Meantime, the elite plan a summer of distraction, starting today, as it would happen. Little has changed since Rome; hint that. ;) If you want change. ;)

      Do please send us your video suggestions and especially from Africa, we are time-pressed in covering all continents! We understate! But we do now have coverage of all continents (yes, even including Antarctica! )) on site and do intend to shine the light everywhere it needs go! :)

      We cannot necessarily do that so well without our readers being our eyes and ears where they live, about what's *really* going on there, on the ground, rather than as presented by the mind-control organs of the the State.


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