Wednesday, 23 May 2012

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WE CAUTION SITE READERS TO BE FULLY COGNISANT OF APPLICABLE PENALTIES IF ILLEGAL ACTIONS ARE CONTEMPLATED BY ANYONE.  Please note; simply sending information could in certain situations cause harassment, alarm or distress; or cause a person to fear for their immediate personal safety; these are crimes.  

In the interests of public safety we inform you of the following bullies:  it seems your safety is threatened.  The White Rabbit suggests you run to the authorities and explain your actions; and why they should protect  you.  Because it seems Anonymous is taking up the cause of the bullies of the planet's victims ... Where the authorities cannot act; the Anonymous members of your school it would seem may well be able to send a REALLY CLEAR MESSAGE, non-violently; to the local bully TERRORISING your playground.

The White Rabbit!

"Published on 17 May 2012 by AnonVshadow

AWARE:This is a very dark and disturbing video please be aware.
This Operation goes to the young youth, this operation will take courage, bravery and above all else heart. As you are aware this IS anonymous related this is what YOU will have to do to stop bullying by  any means.

Print any anonymous poster or make your own if you wish put the posters and or printed anon pics inside bullies binders, backpacks, desks, put them inside their lockers (if you can) put them outside their lockers if they take it down continue and continue soon they shall research us and feel fear NOW if they do not feel fear it's time to take the next big step.

AnonysProject Anti-Bullying

Print as many anons pics as you can and put them in his/her backpack locker etc as MANY as you can and we mean AS MANY, ALOT, if this still doesn't work get their name, contact us, we'll take care of em'.

Again we are a non-violent group we use words instead of punches and we use computers instead of guns. If you do not like this Operation move along DO NOT dis-like the vid, contact me saying "why" you hate it.

If there is any way to stop bullying please and we mean please feel free to post a comment and we will be happy to read the comment, if it supports our Op we will put it as an annotation in the video/description.

Thank you for reading we really appreciate it, any questions feel free to leave a comment.

Tape,posters and or pics/Drawings of your own if you wish.

We Are Anonymous
We Are Legion
United As One Divided By Nothing
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
Operation SBN Has Been Fully Engaged
Expect us.
Some may find the images below quite disturbing.  "


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