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BANKSTERS; we're really grateful you're so STUPID as to think this little bash would go UNNOTICED by the masses this year; you FREAKING PSYCHO-IDIOTS.

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It's Time - Let's Roll
  • HAND OVER ALL LOOT STOLEN OVER CENTURIES BACK TO THE PEOPLE; whether it's gold, 'money', debt' whatever; all of your ILL-GOTTEN GAINS; we're TAKING back; you know, like you TOOK in the first place, FUCKERS! ;)
  • RESTITUTION OF ALL AMERICAN LANDS TO  NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS (who know a thing or two about living with the planet; real nice folks too; will rescue the rest of you Americans from paying to blow up the ENTIRE PLANET covering it with DEPLETED URANIUM: making THE ENTIRE WORLD A WAR ZONE with their NDAA 'shot-in-the-dark';
  • DARK CABAL ARRESTED; ALL OF YOU AT THE END OF THE MEETING; we're nice you see, we're going ot let you all have a cry and your Coke (Heroin, etc ... u know ... ENJOY THE PROFITS FROM YOUR GLOBAL DRUGS AND MONEY LAUNDERING BUSINESS, just for a few hours ... WHILST THE WORLD LAUGHS OUTSIDE    Tip Cabal; you may love MURDERING ARABS FOR OVER A DECADE, but the rest of us, you know, the ones paying for it in SO MANY WAY MORE THAN ONE!  We're coming to jail YOU - 
We could go on, and on, and on ... Suffice to say, we hope Occupy, Anons etc, get their thinking caps on.   For few in the old system even understand it's cons (the Bilderbergs of course are all guilty).  You may think it's acceptable to run your fake fiat fraud COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY games; we OWN YOU BOYZ AND GIRZ; no where safe soon!!  Thanks for rounding yourselves all up like this.  We do appreciate it!  

10,000 Arrests:  one target acquired ... still subject to verification ... do note!

Source:  @nubspeace (graphic only)

The White Rabbit!

PS  You do know the American Indians (unlike the white slaves on the farm) are already storming away as reported on this site over the weekend (along with LOADS of interesting financial shenanigans, as always {they're never in short supply; noticed <g>)!


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#OTB - Open-Transactions - create bankster-free markets 
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 - U Need - ... The White Rabbit! ;~)

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