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And so the mainstream media cover-up gets exposed by a heroic member of the real media; the only media asking the real, hard questions; how many workers have died ...  Why were the public not told about public meetings, where is (now a year on) a MAP of the CONTAMINATION.  Shocking answers come from the panel.  Must watch.  Be warned, this video has the ability to cause upset, showing clearly as it does, the fact that deaths are not being reported, that STATISTICS on DEATHS are not seemingly even collected at all in some cases.  To hear essentially "Well we don't know" ...  Her follow up question is worth it's weight in gold.  If you are Japanese, or if you have family or friends working in the Nuclear Industry, this may be a video you would rather not watch.  It certainly changed The White Rabbit's perception of the ABSENCE of reports of deaths due to radiation in an entirely new light, and we think West Coast America might wish to start thinking about asking some of these sorts of HARD questions, themselves.  We note some of the RADIATION RAIN videos are seemingly disappearing from youtube (certainly we have reports one of the three on this site is already downed).

"Uploaded by koizuka77 on 25 Oct 2011

Makorine of Oshidori, a comedienne of Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. and beginning journalist of News for the People in Japan(NPJ) knew that a young worker in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant had been exposed to 60 millisievert(mS), had been ordered to stay at home in August and had died of myocardial infarction in Octorber.
While neither the gov't nor TEPCO will only anounce his death but both say they need not know the death because he was exposed just to a dose of 60mS, less than 100mS, the limit.
But Oshidori claims the gov't should know of the worker' death even if he was exposed to a dose less than 100mS. But Parliamentary Secretary Sonoda tries to repeat an evasive answer.
That time, Naoki Otake of Sanke Shinbun bursts out interrupting her question again somehow in the integrated press conference held in the headoffice of TEPCO on Oct 24 2011.
Naoki Otake interrupts Oshidori's question on Oct 17 2011:
When will Ministry of Economy quit a cozy relationship with TEPCO?: (6:45)

The website of Osidori (in Japanese): (diary of Makorine)

The website of News fot the People in Japan (in Japanese):

The original video by IWJ:

About the donation for IWJ: "

You should support independent journalism in Japan, and in your town, that's ...

The White Rabbit! ;~)

PS  If there is no independent media in your town GET OFF YOUR ARSE AND BECOME IT YOU FOOL!  It's NOT rocket science now; GET GOING; GET YOUR VIDEOS TO US; we'll publish anything you get online KICKING HELL OUT OF THE CRIMINAL CABAL THAT HAS STOLEN FINANCE and is DESTROYING planet earth!

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