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It seems if the British Police fail to act on 10th May 2012; perfect timing globally ... Well, Britain obviously hasn't GOT a police force ... So we will be proposing the ABOLITION of the POLICE FORCES ACROSS THE WHOLE OF THE UNITED KINGDOM.; DEMANDING IT FROM PARLIAMENT ... And Britain shall return to self-policed; LOCALLY, by HONEST people. Those who understand DUTIES to INVESTIGATE ALLEGATIONS OF HEINOUS CRIMES COMMITTED INTERNATIONALLY, on BRITISH SOIL and AGAINST THE BRITISH STATE, GOVERNMENT and integrity of the British Police Force itself!

johnMay 2, 2012 04:15 AM  Gino, Abby, and the huge growing, thinking parties all contributing so impressively, let us provide you with a huge info step to help you judge how best to campaign.
1. In the very near future, the sheer scale of Fraud, Corruption,Theft and Racketeering of the Herzog case, will cross implicate Romney and so many more. He is finished. If there was ever a time for the Republicans to dump him and switch it's now. Sr will not be able to blow a smokescreen much longer. The sheer scale of the Criminal case unfolding on Herzog and the co conspirators is breaking with huge consequences. 

2. In the very near future, have no doubt either Ron Paul or the Democrats will expose it and demand he withdraws. He faces personal huge consequences now but wait and see the attorneys next moves over the Falcone case. 

3.ONLY the consequence of exposing the bribes Biden has taken is holding back the Criminal case in the US, but it's coming anyway from Europe as each domain will act

4.If each of you demand answers from Romney's campaign staff, watch his campaign go up in smoke. Americans are jailed for Tax Evasion. He has hidden over $900m stolen from Falcone, so why not act on Romney? He's going to face worldwide consequences anyway as it all crashes. You saw the Berlin Court issues the media wont publish. When Herzog goes to trial, all the detailed dirt will become a Global fireball as it goes out on TV and the papers will feed it with exposure for all the Political and Agency staff then identified. This is now already cross exposed on Public Record in Berlin Court papers etc. Unless the Republicans Dump the Chump, you are giving O his second term on a plate. Was there ever a time for a Clean new Contender to come to the aid of the country. Think it through. With 4 more years and no personal consequences for O and his Chicago set, where will he take you all?

Look into the campaign financing, and voting records people; there only is one candidate that is NOT owned by the banksters, provably so, by his VOTING record - the only thing that REALLY matters, when it comes to a politician, and REMOVING THE DARK CABAL from power.  Regular readers don't need to be told, but if you're too lazy to go dig, that candidate is Ron Paul.  Doesn't matter whether you like him, or hate him; fact is, he is THE ONLY CHOICE, if you wish to remove the Dark Cabal from power; to remove the FAKE FIAT FED (central banksters) from power.  However, if you think there is nothing wrong with a tiny few creating zeros and ones, on computers (Something even a literal 2 year old could do), and ENSLAVING FREE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS PLANET-WIDE, with this Dark Magikal Illusion - that their paper 'money' is worth something, then simply move along ... nothing to see here.

If you've had enough of this BULLSHIT though; of being half starved, expected to work longer hours, for less pay, with increased bills WHILST THE  ROTHSCHILD FAMILY of BANKSTERS continue to never receive even a freaking fucking  'haircut', then #OpBLACKHEATH The White Hats and TWO petitions await you:

  • Two Brit HEROES, absent ANY known British POLICE investigation (though of course they want a PAY RISE {nothing like wishful thinking when you're demand goes to the TOP of ORGANISED CRIME in BANKSTER CONTROLLED BANKSTER OCCUPIED CHEMTRAILED BRITAIN  Hopefully some will wake up in time for their flooding into LONDON on 10th MAY 2012 soely for lawful and legal purpses ... DEMAND ANSWERS - a petition now collecting signatures with over ONE HUNDRED INTERNATIONAL HEROES HAVINIG SIGNED:

    Don't leave it to just two Brits - heroic though they be ...  Don't be THAT *pathetic* human race:  GET OFF YOUR KNEES ...  Don't be the last person on planet to demand JUSTICE FOR THIS 300-400 YEAR MASSIVE CRIMINAL FRAUD.

    Those names are going down in global history. ;)
  • Alternatively, go right to the heart of the Dark Cabal's power in Bankster Controlled Britain; the ex-Rothschilds's bankser-minion, George pull-up-your-pants Osbourne's best friend (erased from Photo's?? Famously???) ... LORD SASSOON - a man already full of DENIALS - hint hint - demand answers from the Cabal man whose family fortune was made SELLING DRUGS and LAUNDERING DRUGS MONEY from  AFGHANISTAN AND INDIA, 300 years ago ... hand-in-hand with the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY ;)  Hint that Police; Berkes Peerage awaits the Brave Policemen of Britain. ;)  And of course, the FORBES FAMILY, most recent/current wanna be global GEOBANKSTER of course, well America; that would be JOHN KERRY, who just happend to STEP ASIDE for BUSH .... we hope things are becoming a little clearer for many with these connecting of the dots.
We promised we'd start connecting dots for you a few posts back; we do not disappoint!  We so wish to apologise for dobbing out on that for 12-24 hours; it's quite terrifying publishing these obvious truths, when so many remain so completely under the mind control of the banksters MONEY LAUNDERERS IN BRITAIN.  Nevertheless, we hope the Police in Britain, that we have been contacting LAST NIGHT- from police forces OUTSIDE of the CAPITAL, but with POLICE OFFICERS FLOODING THE CAPITAL IN JUST 8 DAYS TIME; on 10th May 2012, that *some* of them, at least, will use this opportunity to remove the global embarrassment that corrupt Met Officers have become, and start the 10,000 ARREST IN BRITAIN!  And not just of any CORRUPT POLICE OFFICERS, but maybe the HOME OF THE ABOLITION OF SLAVERY will ONCE AGAIN MAKE HISTORY!

Come on Honesty Bobby's across the fair lands of the United Kingdom.  You DESERVE THAT PAY, but not for shipping off file-sharers, and Brits that know about EXOPOLITICS and the HIDDEN SECRET TECH WAR GOING ON; NANO CHEMICAL BIO WARFARE BY BANKSTERS ACROSS THE SKIES OF BRITAIN AND ALL NATO COUNTRIES AS LAID OUT AT LAW SCHOOL HERE.  NO WONDER 60 DEAD BRIT SCIENTISTS! ;)

REMOVE THE DARK CABAL FROM POWER; for their HEINOUS AND PROVABLE EVIDENCED CRIMES.  Crime numbers & much much more - including the FULL TWO HOUSE OF LORDS SPEECHES NAMING NAMES.  We hope it is no longer left to honest CITIZENS to enforce the law in Britain by ARRESTS of the DARK CABAL.  But if the Police won't do their jobs; honest citizens, Peeler style, are ALREADY stepping up to the plate.

It's Time - Let's Roll!

The White Rabbit

Obviously we assume Interpol are already much more than dimly aware of events described.

Source:  (taken from comments) ... 

The White Hats 


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