Tuesday, 29 May 2012


"In this 3rd Marius lecture, Prof Busby addresses the dangers of allowing physics and physicists to influence political decisions through scientific advice to government. He explains that the process of surrendering philosophical descriptions of the Universe to the physicists began with the dislocation caused in Natural Philosophy through the acceptance of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity in the early 20th Century. The constraints placed on the dimensions of reality which this produced enabled physicists to achieve a unique position as a class of individuals who could maintain anything, however impossible, on the basis of mathematical reductionism, and no-one could argue about this without being attacked for being stupid: a classical Emperor's New Clothes situation. Busby presents two Proofs which show Einstein's Postulates to be incorrect and he thereby re-instates the luminiferous aether of Maxwell/Lorentz, which was anyway shown to exist through the precise interferometer experiments of Miller in the 1920s. But most important is the danger which is implicit in all this. Busby warns that Relativity is a political issue and that almost all scientific advisors to government are physicists who have steered policy in the last 50 years towards several science assisted collisions with reality, and the deaths of millions of people.The time has come to topple them from the pedestal erected by Einstein and to take back control of policy decisions."


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