Sunday, 27 May 2012


You think all this shape-shifting reptile stuff is just a joke ... And then you bump into a non-human like the one everyone's friend (even if they don't know it yet) is filming here:  Bill O 'What a Asshole I am' Reilly' ... Something like that anyway.  U gettin' Rabbit?!  If you missed it; our sister site (currently downed; intel on our own attack on-site this weekend for now we have further info in on that! ;)) interviewed the film-maker (of this film you are about to watch), about one of his very few non-political movies (and one of the best film shorts ever?) ...  You can catch that Luke Rudkowski Interview here (and the short!).  Meantime, and more to the reason why we publish this piece, up to his usual tricks, we have Luke hammering Mr Repilian SCUMBAG himself on camera, about a certain UNTRUE 'FACT' that has been REPEATEDLY over 30 YEARS being coming out of Bill SCUMBAGS mouth on MSM.  These ones are *always* a treat, and in our view offer some of the most intelligent in-you-face journalism in America today.  

Ironic, too, because it's a gonzo type style of journalism; have an idea, GET IN THEIR FACE AND DEMAND ANSWERS from the LYING THIEVING MIND-CONTROLLER IN CHIEF.  Sort of reversing the media; media-ising the media sort of!  lol Just watch and UNDERSTAND what is being done here by one of The White Rabbit's favourite young American men (who has also done an enormous amount of work to raise money for the victims of 911, most especially the rescue & clean up workers.

Of course Bill has spent 30+ years telling to SHUT UP, because YOUR CRAZY to think there is a secret elite (centered around EUROPEAN ROYALTY (... American Colony SLAVES0 ... Don't believe the Rabbit?  You need:

Welcome to The Warren. ;)  

The White Rabbit!

Though we wish we we're the ones to have to tell you, ROYAL SLAVE.

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