Wednesday, 2 May 2012



This is the first intel we have seen on the CONTENTS of what we assume are the GERMAN DEUTSCH BANK ARRESTS ...
  1. Agreed. We all know exactly whats going on. Also why the FBI in Palm Beach have failed to act on the Falcone complaints and have protected the lot of them on Washington's orders. Abysmal. The Supremes and Agencies integrity issues are known, and as for the whole of Beltway? We all KNOW how bad it is, and sit amazed the US Bubba's don't march as the NWO Neocons equip and stock the FEMA camps ready. It appalls us the public don't know of certain items already bought in from China, fully delivered, and parties now training with them. It appalls us you have 2 dreadful choices come November. Your media is as bad as it gets. Even Pravda publishes more truth. Your problem is the media. They wont print the truth and they will even block it and block air time for Ron Paul. Media Licenses need to be revoked and Fit and Proper Persons rules brought in for Media Licenses open to be contested and for public objections to be enough to get lying or duplicitous Publishers or Broadcasters disqualified. The trillions stolen or wasted on the Military Industrial complexes and Cabal are what has derailed the Global economies. Focus on regenerating economies by releasing the Global Settlements, not mass Global conflict. Close Goldman's down. No more Bail Out Loans for massive Bonus Goldman's or JPM or B of A. The idiot who has cut 0.0001% from the budget is a Global joke. Slash 35% from all Military spending right now and put it back to the Industrial economy. Cut the whole of the Beltway back by 10% effective immediate. Tell Israel no more planned attacks on Iran or your on your own. If Israel wants a no proliferation blanket over the Middle East, let them give up their own Nukes damn it and stop brutalizing their neighbors with vicious attrition. Get OUT of Afghanistan where Poppy production is now up 900% with guess who now running the show? Sickening? If either of those 2 dreadful parties get in during November we truly fear for you all. America has enormous talent and ability.Just not in Politics or the Agencies. Sr and his shysters are rumored to be in London moving their money yet again as the Herzog case now exposes them all. Herzog is why Merkel has just set the dogs loose on Ackermann. All the Court records show Romney, Bush and the whole Ackermann network. Germany had Nuremberg for the Nazis. How about Berlin for the Neocon Nazis to be extradited and tried? Even now Sr is running around moving his money as the wheels are falling off, leaving the henchmen to face the furore about to erupt."

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