Thursday, 24 May 2012

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It's with simply SO MUCH JOY, do we proudly present THE most interesting LEGAL CASES on planet earth over the next few days.  We started a few days ago with the Appeal Synopsis.  Now back to the beginning, before we get to the main course ... So excited, we couldn't help ourselves in getting ahead of ourselves, with this HOT HOT HOT subject that's going to BLOW WIDE OPEN THE DARK ILLUMINATI SYSTEM of FAKE FIAT control over humanity by a TINY FEW (like, a handful) of BANKSTERS.

LAWYERS WORLDWIDE:  You Just Gotta Get In-Depth Reading This (1000+ pages coming up served very soon here!! :))

YOU need to get YOUR case organised YOUR PLACE, right now!  Get a committee up and running, get yourself some lawyers who understand the con, and are prepared to actually do something about it ... Like MANY lawyers in South Africa have now stepped up to the plate, it time to get some organised, YOUR PLACE! :~)  

It's Time - Let's ROLL!! ;)

Coming up next; just what the BANKSTERS don't want YOU lawyer, seeing: EVER!! That's right, loading up all night on the legals, we've got the FULL PLEADINGS in this APPEAL, followed by the FULL CONSTITUTIONAL COURT PLEADINGS (once we've chopped them up into a size scribed can handle!!

Michael Tellinger Appeal Synopsis:  click here to download full document to disk


You might be able to fool the White Man's Courts (we'll leave that comment at that), but we seriously suspect having just GLANCED at the doX we;re now embedding, that THIS IS THE CASE TO START THE LEGAL SNOWBALL WORLDWIDE!!  Well done Michael Tellinger; HEROIC PERFORMANCE Occupy SOUTH AFRICA!! :)

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