Thursday, 24 May 2012


And so for those that are so stupid they do not understand the robot clone political world represented to you as reality is simply FAKE, here we have the most important speech of their premierships ... Two politicians, separated ONLY by THOUSANDS OF MILES and but two days.  Judge for yourself just how 'independently minded' the premiers of CANADA and AUSTRALIA really were, when it came to bamboozling TRILLIONS in debt onto your shoulders (for their bosses the BANKSTERS).  To The White Rabbit, seems pretty clear to us they were both LITERALLY singing from the same PENTAGON hymn-sheet.  We call for an IMMEDIATE GLOBAL HUNT FOR THE BANK ACCOUNTS OF THESE DARK CABAL MEMBERS.  Paid off; we suspect so!!!  Don't believe The White Rabbit though; take it from the MOUTH OF HARPER himself.  Yup!!  We're not making this up!  You need to check out CANADA's BEST DOCUMENTARY EVER!  You did know about the DOCUMENTED MASSIVE CANADIAN SECRET BAILOUT now, didn't you, too ... Or were you watching the news thinking you'd find some actual news on the MSM.  Really?  Are you still that much of a fool you've not realised it's MIND CONTROL ... We suggest you stop thinking what's On The Box, and Start thinking what's on Occupy The Banks!  #OTB ... One hashtag; HUMANITY can decide!! ;)

"Uploaded by OpeningYourEyes on 7 Oct 2008

In 2003, Stephen Harper and Australian Prime Minister John Howard deliver largely identical speeches urging their nations to join George W. Bush's Coalition of the Willing to go to war with Iraq.!"

The White Rabbit!

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