Saturday, 26 May 2012


And so it's time, for the truth to start FLOODING OUT ...  This video is significant in so many ways, we're slightly lost at how to describe it.  The key points:  

  1. Obama is NOT USA born, and that's going to be extremely provably so, in a matter of a few weeks at most.  America will awaken to the true extent of the Secret Government take over of the real government, as outlined by the Ex-Canadian Defence Minister in 2010 in his CALL FOR WAR IN AMERICA, and come to understand Obama is an entirely fraudulent creation of the CIA.  It's simple, and it's also obvious.

    We got much crap in from the Obaminoids when first covering this issue on the blog, yet we thought the issues clear enough that this HAS to be an issue, and of course, with the MURDER BY THE WHITE HOUSE of a blogger, that confirmation came in (come on SCUMBAGS, make it a bit harder will you?).

    We might add, we're still totally shocked that SO many still haven't worked out he's BANKSTERS CONTROLLED, top, bottom, and middle.  Frankly, we're utterly AMAZED that so many INSIDE AMERICA, haven't even bothered to do what SO MANY OUTSIDE AMERICA did so long ago; check his VOTING and CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS records.  American Obaminiods, stop being such a bunch of DIPSHITS!  This ain't rocket science, go check it out; almost everyone else in the world did YEARS ago, yet you still cling to your HOPE, whilst BANKSTERS' MINION OBAMA continues to give it to you GOOD AND HARD.  It's becoming SICKENING to watch worldwide.  Stop being such TOTALLY MIND CONTROLLED SLAVES to that MSM box.  Idiots!  To love your captor is a PCYHOLOGICAL ILLNESS.

    Get off your KNEES and STOP BEGGING; it's become embarrassing
    .  Get onto your feet AND START SOLVING PROBLEMS.  You know; because if YOU don't solve YOUR problems; OBAMA's BIG GOVERNMENT simply don't give no shit. ;) 

    Wakey wakey folks.  It doesn't HAVE to be this way, but it certainly will be if you carry on listening to VACUOUS NONSENSICAL SEMANTICS and take them as some sort of TRUTH.  You know, like the "war on an emotion" (that's had you fleeced now for ten years, and DONE NOTHING but INCREASE FEAR WORLDWIDE of the REAL TERRORISTS; the USA;
    using fear worldwide to impose the CRIMINAL DARK CABAL on humanity for another 400 years.
  2. ERIC HOLDER IS AMERICA's BIGGEST ILLEGAL DRUGS AND GUN RUNNER. Yes, you read that right.  The highest law enforcement/legal figure in America, *is* the CEO of the Latin American ILLEGAL DRUGS CARTELS.  I mean, maybe you hadn't worked out why the USA continually ships arms into Latin America (legally and illegally).  Time, to wake up a bit more folks.  Time to understand some 30 or so years after the 'War on Drugs' kicked off, that 40 years worth of illegal drugs profits (all untaxed of course), have managed to buy LAW ENFORCEMENT, LAW OFFICERS, and the HIGHEST LAW OFFICER IN THE LAND.  Eric Holder.
  3. most significantly of all, this broadcast makes it plain what many a drugs lawyer (no doubt certainly at least in America) worked out MANY years ago; that the CIA and ORGANISED CRIME are ONE and the SAME entity.  Be fooled no more folks: the DRUGS TRADE IS THE SECRET GOVERNMENT OF AMERICA; the nexus of criminality, arms, and illegal drugs of course, is a nexus of massive interest, and therefore, MASSIVE POTENTIAL FOR ABUSE.  This applies to all agencies everywhere.  Wouldn't thus OUR solution to this to make all narcotics legal (which is not to say (or not not to say!) not regulated!  Think about it some.  FOLLOW THE MONEY ... and we all can agree on WHO we know has got the MOST of THAT! ;)


    Oh, do any of you even care?  Do you like most of America working in or being locked up by the prison-industrial-comnplex?

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