Saturday, 7 April 2012

#UK Secret Service - Field Agents Hung To Dry? #MI5

"The British secret service, MI5, tried to hire British nationals held in Guantanamo Bay and various other US prison camps, reports 'The Independent' newspaper.

The MI5 promised freedom and protection from their American captors and safe travel home if they were willing to work undercover for the secret service.

According to a former agent, one man, Richard Belmar was told that he would be compensated for working undercover for the MI5. Another, Bisher Al Rawi, was promised to be “freed within months” if he worked for them.

Some were threatened with harsh detention if they refused to cooperate.

However, MI5 seems to have failed to honor its word, says a former agent who was close to the officers involved.

According to the agent, the MI5 officers who were working with the detainees made 'assurances' that London had approved, but then reneged on the promises.

“The agents fear they will be hung out to dry. This is not the first time that field agents have been made to carry the can even when there is a paper trail all the way to the top authorizing the action and conduct of the agents," said the source. ... (continues) ...."

The White Rabbit comments; not the sort of news anyone wants to be reading, and even less, we want to be reporting.  Just as the need for the highest levels of trust in the UK Security Services are needed on a GLOBAL basis, so that the Olympic Games go off WITHOUT a bang, we have the suggestion MI5 hangs out it's own sources when convenient.  

Could this get any more serious; is the USA rogue Intel agency named by Lord Blackheath in the House of Lords running the REAL agencies?  Who could have made the Brits do this; what threat could have been used?  Is anyone in Britain safe passing information onto the Security Services any more, or are all sources now going to get hung out to dry whenever it strikes MI5 as convenient.  This is dark, dark, dark stuff.  Questions.  And no answers yet it would seem.  If it be true however, that the Security Service does and has been doing this, well, we're all in a lot more trouble worldwide than previously thought.



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