Thursday, 26 April 2012

#TELEVISION Watching Closely (enough) #USA #OTB

So we told you we worked a few things out  ... we never actually have before gone looking for actual evidence (rather than testimony from someone who would know and who is or seems trustworthy and is corroborated in some or main particulars ... But just look America, what we bumped into.  And just look ROW, at why America is so dumbed down, believe anything the Government says about who is the real enemy (no doubt The White Rabbit after going live with this video).  Just check this out.  You don't need a horror movie now; this is real.  You may of course, as already suggested, decide to take that mind-control box right out of your home, RIGHT NOW, and give someone else the benefit of the Government Licensed PROGRAMMING you can get from it.  We'll get up a cult movie to take this issue further, if you like Sci-Fi you'll love it, if we can find someone to let us embed it here.  Meantime, enjoy the REALITY OF THE REALITY OF THE HORROR.  You proudly have a HIGH DEFINITION PROGRAMMING TOOL now, too, huh; FOOL; paying to upgrade the tool of yoru own intellectual enslavement.  Just throw it away (responsibly).  We're going to beat this into you!

"Published on 17 Apr 2012 by jzsd14me

I heard about this through my work on Stineheid the movie and  

This is an actual televised sign-off from the 1960's that I filmed in high speed and slowed down so that you can see what you're not supposed to see."




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