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STOP PRESS: we cannot stress enough that everyone on planet earth needs to listen to this whole interview to understand the plan, the likely counter-attack and HOW TO JOIN (if one is already authorised by law to arrest criminals &/or under a duty to protect the constitution from domestic enemies)!! PLEASE TWEET THIS PAGE LIKE CRAZY! We are Twitter jailed!

And so, it's time ...   The doubters can doubt all they wish, no matter who tells them something, they still won't believe.  Those of us that have had a burning desire to live free from the rogue agency named by Lord Blackheath in the House of Lords, for almost a decade now, understand the truth of the fact there are MILLIONS of lawyers, military, vets, etc, all around the world, who have taken oaths, and are not going to break them.  
The facts are totally clear to anyone who has spent the time required to understand them; the guilty parties clearly in sight.  All that is left now is for the arrests, and as this insider also points out; THE EXECUTIONS!!!

If you want to be a part of the second American revolution, your time is NOW.  

Though we cannot (and do not) encourage anyone who is NOT legally authorised by law to participate, we do encourage every last man and woman on planet earth, no matter where located, of what nationality, of what colour race or creed, to work out what you will do on this great day for humanity.  We will shortly be publishing some ideas on this subject on this website.  Meantime, we'll hand over to the FIRST EVER AUDIO INTERVIEW WITH AN AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY CURRENTLY ORGANISING THE REVOLUTION!!  Check back soon; as ever, many updates to this website coming at you 24/7/365!! ;)  

The informational leaflet:


We would encourage all law-abiding law enforcement, military and veterans to immediately get to  The world needs you RIGHT NOW!!!  In the now infamous words of George Bush:  You're either with us, or against us.  Time to decide.

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  1. Another dead end. Sleep inducing, philosophy and plan free babble from people who can barely speak English. No direct links to the 'evidence', no insights, nothing whatsoever, other than a URL for you to visit. The revolution, if it comes from these people, will be a complete disaster. NO SALE.

  2. The evidence of many of these crimes is online; easy enough to find for anyone with any level of intelligence.

    We have linked to the main website with the documentary evidence re: Lord Blackheath (15trillion fraud; all documented), and will shortly start directly publishing it on this website (for lazy people that won't click links ... and can't work out how to use google themselves).

    As we repeatedly state in most of our posts like this; the doubters will doubt; those that know, know.

    This comment of yours does bring to mind this quote:

    "There are only three types of people in this world;

    1. Those that make things happen;
    2. Those that watch things happen, and;
    3. Those that wonder what happened."

    Friend, you need to get up to speed with this issue, for your own and any families sake. You won't take it from us (we know); but to suggest there is 'no evidence' is simply plain ignorant of the facts. We recommend less TV, and more Internet ...

    And learning how to use google, too. ;) e.g "15 trillion fraud" immediately (first page) brought up this link; u know, you might actually want to read some of the PROOF. ;)

    If you click or search for The White Hats on our search box (top right every page), and cick the source links, you will also find yourself at the website we will be taking these documents from; that link has been present on this website for at least a month.

    So much for no proof. ;)

  3. PS. A heroic Brit has stepped up to the plate, absent even one American with the balls; see and commend him directly please via Twitter on @McEeles

    Also, the hashtag The White Rabbit declared for this #OpBLACKHEATH - check it out; only just starting up as at the time of posting this, but WE NEED YOUR HELP people. Sit there complaining 'there's no evidence' if you want to, alternatively, start spreading the news of it's existence, frantically. The choice, as ever, is yours. If you want to be Royal Slaves again Americans, you only need do nothing at all; that will ensure it. ;)


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