Friday, 27 April 2012

#OCCUPY Student Debt - Day of Action #OWS #OTB

We cannot support more the decision of the students in America to say - FUCK YOU to the banksters, and starting to get organised to say FUCK THAT to the debt enslavement (by operation of unjust laws puto n the statute books by CORRUPT CONGRESS.  Students of America.  The White Rabbit has but one line to say to you when it comes to your contractual legal and more and ethical decision on whether or not to repay you student loans.  It is this:  FRAUD VITIATES CONSENT.  Go look it up. If you're not a law student, we have a tutorial on this site which teaches you how to use American law libraries.  It's time you hit the books, and started CRIMINAL ACTIONS that YOU prosecute AGAINST EVERY LAST BIG FAT CORRUPT COCKSUCKER that CORRUPTLY enslaved you.  


As a note to those outside America who cannot understand why the above students are now enslaved, you should understand in America (and coming to your nation just as soon as the banksters can get it organised) ... Student debt is NOT CANCELLED in BANKRUPTCY.  They have NO ESCAPE; only DEBT SERVITUDE.  Ladies and Gentlemen of American Universities.  Seize your lives back from the banksters.  If you do not do it, no one else will.

We support you 100% in your pursuit:  please add any relevant links for others via comments to this page (see just under the next graphic).  You may also use our chat no problems. ;)


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