Friday, 27 April 2012

#MUSIC De Alante Alante - Los Rakas #RAKALOVE

And so Kopimism begins to come of age, with this simply wonderful song from Los Rakas. It's friday, we all deserve it; give yourself a closed eye moment, and just chill with ... The White Rabbit! ;) This song gets even the bunnies chilled!! ;)  

Do note you can DOWNLOAD FREE OF CHARGE this wonderful track thanks to the vision of mind of the copyright owners ... Who have obviously heard of Kopimi. As regular readers already know: only the best for this blog's readers and followers of The White Rabbit!  Though not a Kopimist track (it is copyrighted), clearly, by freely distributing it across the Net to anyone that wants to grab this wonderful stuff, they get (correctly) the new model for music that the banksters minions in the Hollywood HATE so much!  Grab it just to piss them off!! <g>

More on Kopimi (and more great music!) over the weekend as we slip into high gear to get the word out about the world's newest philosophy which is going to DESTROY THE BANKSTERS MIND CONTROL MECHANISMS; if you play ball with The White Rabbit! ;)

Important Note

You don't need to go 'steal' this track, just click the download link above; and you can grab it in ANY ONE OR MORE FORMATS - OPEN FORMATS INCLUDED - you want.  Including all the available formats. ;)  All totally free. ;)  Welcome to a new world. OUR new World. ;)

If you have no idea what The White Rabbit is talking about when he talks about open standards do this quick test to see how under the control of the banksters your hardware really is.  Because friends, if the banksters control your hardware, they control YOU.  
More on this point over the weekend (and the solutions to escape this control mechanism).  

Meantime, download the FLAC version (the best - entirely lossless version) *and* the .mp3 version, and play both on your system.  If you're totally under the control of the banksters mind control mechanisms, your music player will protest, and not play the FLAC version.  If that's you, you really need to be up at this website more regularly as we move into our second phase of operations.  Now with over 1300 posts on this blog posted in the last six months, we're at the point where anyone who wants to understand the problems, can.  It's time to get real focused on the SOLUTIONS.  And some of those solutions we have just mentioned by name.  More soon, as ever.  It's Time - Let's Roll! ;)  

"Published on 29 Mar 2012 by ineffablemusicgroup

Los Rakas at South By South West 2012
for more music and information visit:

Music: No Tan Listo - Raka Dun \\ Copita De Champana - Raka Rich

Video shot by Jordan Ching (Northbound Films), Anthony Cole, Spencer Groshong
Edited by Spencer Groshong for Ineffable Music Group "


Meantime why don't you send your friends up to this page where they too can grab one of the coolest tracks ever, in whatever format they want; you see, unlike the banksters systems of control, Kopimi and Kopimism are all about empowering EVERYONE, on an EQUAL footing in the competition of knowledge and culture creation; of the creation (or destruction) of memes.  Of course the banksters control academic publishing; the very control of knowledge distribution itself.  More on that too, over the weekend.  For academics need stop winging about how academic publishing works now, and REFORM IT YOU BRAINLESS IDIOTS!


Juke Box Mix Trix v.4U 


#OTB - Public Key Transaction Processor - create digital vaults
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#OTB - Open-Transactions - create bankster-free markets 
EN | GR | ES | FR | PT | IT | PT

 - U Need - ... The White Rabbit! ;~)

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